Kevin Schlehuber apparently doesn't think Josh Martinez deserves any credit for playing a good game on Big Brother this season.

Kevin was evicted from the Big Brother house last week instead of Josh under Paul Abrahamian's Head of Household reign. With the HoH and two eviction nominees ineligible to vote and only four houseguests left in the house at the time, Kevin's eviction was determined solely by Christmas Abbott.

When asked which player he wanted to sit in the Final 2 with had he made it all the way to the end, Kevin made it clear he didn't respect Josh's game.

"I wanted to be sitting next to Josh. Whoever sits next to Josh in the Final 2 wins the game," Kevin told Entertainment Weekly.

"Some of the jury members clashed with him all season. The yelling and screaming, he was put out there by others in the game to aggravate... Paul and Christmas had the realization about Josh too, which is why they are in the Final 3 with him."

Kevin was impressed by Alex Ow and Jason Dent's gameplay, however, the Boston stay-at-home dad realizes he lasted longer in the game than the both of them.

Of the evicted houseguests, "I would have said Jason and Alex [played the best]," according to Kevin, "but maybe they didn't play that great because they aren't in the game."

Big Brother's jury will determine this season's winner on Wednesday, September 20, so Paul, Christmas or Josh's fate in the finale will depend on Kevin, Alex, Jason, Cody Nickson, Elena Davies, Mark Jansen, Matt Clines, and Raven Walton.

"Mark played a good game, but his alliance with Cody worked against him," Kevin recalled to EW.

"For some reason, everyone just didn't like Cody, and I don't understand it. He was the opposite as me -- no social game, but great at physical game. But I would say Mark."

Kevin didn't win a Head of Household or Power of Veto competition all season long, but he managed to make it to the Final 4, and most of his fellow houseguests respected him -- except for Alex, who openly expressed her dislike of the 56-year-old player inside and outside of the house.

When looking back on his game as a whole, Kevin apparently wishes he had put more effort into the competition.

"I would study things more and take in the dates and learn them and study more," Kevin said when asked what he'd change about his game if he could go back and do it all over again. "Like, when they showed the tattooed photos, I could have studied them more. Focus more on the mental aspects of the game."
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