"General Hospital" actress Kelly Monaco is learning five days a week on a daytime drama don't compare to an hour in the spotlight of prime-time TV.

Since winning ABC's "Dancing With the Stars" competition last week, Monaco's celebrity has soared, the Los Angeles Times reported Tuesday.

In addition to making all the talk show rounds, she's now being stopped on the streets by people who recognize her from the popular dance show.

"It's changed my so-called status immensely," Monaco told the newspaper.  "There's not one place where someone hasn't had a really wonderful comment to say about the show.

More than 22 million viewers watched Monaco and her partner, professional dancer Alec Mazo, draw perfect 10s from the judges for their freestyle dance. Since then, Monaco said she has been fielding calls for everything from prime-time shows to hosting her own talk show.

For now, however, she said she's committed to her soap opera role and "living in the moment."