Despite not being old enough to follow his father's footsteps on the dance floor, John O'Hurley said his 3-month-old son William already has one of dad's other signature traits down pat.

"Within hours of his birth he had my frown," O'Hurley said in the April 2 issue of People.  "It begins with a furl of the eyebrows, and then they dance up and down.  I said, 'It's been only five hours and he's already got issues.'"

The 52-year-old actor may have initially lost Dancing with the Stars' first season along with his partner Charlotte Jorgensen, but the two were able to claim the crown after ABC staged a dance-off between them and General Hospital actress Kelly Monaco and her partner Alec Mazo.  In January 2006, O'Hurley landed a spot on Broadway in Chicago and has since moved his family to Las Vegas while he plays the role of King Arthur in Monty Python's musical Spamalot.

"[William] holds on to two of my fingers.  It's like, 'Sorry, I've got places to go!'" O'Hurley told People.  "I bring him to my shows.  I come to the dressing room in my king outfit with the crown on and all the gold.  You should see the look on his face."

William is O'Hurley's first child with his 34-year-old wife Lisa -- and despite being only 3-months-old -- the proud papa claims his son is "already walking."  With names like Apple and Suri all the rage among Hollywood couples, O'Hurley also explained why he went with the more traditional moniker of William.

"I wanted to give him a good, normal name," O'Hurley told People.  "You can't move to Des Moines with a name like Pineapple."