Deemed to be a "pretty girl" that just didn't "measure up," Kathy Hoxit, a 20-year-old house painter from Brevard, NC, became the first girl eliminated from the sixth edition of America's Next Top Model during last night's special two-hour broadcast of the UPN reality show's season premiere.

After a first hour that featured the thirty-two semifinalists being narrowed down to the show's thirteen finalists, America's Next Top Model 6 began in earnest when the broadcast's second hour started. Once they learned that they'd made Top Model 6's finalist cut, the thirteen girls met with Jay Manuel and former Top Model judge Janice Dickinson -- a surprise guest -- to complete their very first challenge: a mock press conference session that would help develop each girl's personality and public speaking skills.

During the mock press conference, the girls were seated at two tables with only a few microphones, which forced them to compete amongst each other for the spotlight. After the press conference ended, the interview panel decided that Nnenna had "overwhelmingly" exhibited the best performance -- a win that allowed her receive her first choice of any of the bedrooms in the beautiful Los Angeles mansion in which the girls would live.

As the girls became acquainted with their glamorous new surroundings, insecurities and tension began to develop. Kathy seemed to become a bit insecure around the other girls as they relaxed in the pool, while Jade's strong personality became quite a match for Gina's fragile ego.

The next morning, Tyra visited the mansion to welcome the girls to the competition and answer questions about the fashion industry. Later, the girls were taken to the Warren Tricomi salon where Jay Manuel and supermodel Eve Salvail announced that for their first photo shoot, each girl would be challenged to reveal their inner beauty and appear bald.

After worried expressions and uncertainty began to build over the possibility of losing their hair, Jay revealed that the girls would actually be put through a grueling make-up process that would only make them appear bald. As part of the photo concept, the girls were decorated with beautiful Swarovski crystals and posed with mannequin heads. Although she eventually grew to like her bald look, Kathy seemed a bit uncomfortable in front of the camera and had trouble looking natural. "She went from a squinty look to a deer caught in headlights," Jay noted after the shoot.

During the week’s elimination ceremony, Tyra and the judges felt that although many of the girls had room for improvement, Kathy in particular had not exhibited the potential it would take to become the next America's Next Top Model winner.

"Some of the judges say they see a pretty girl from the hometown that's cute, but in the world of modeling, it just doesn't measure up," Tyra explained to Kathy just before eliminating her from the competition.