Josh Martinez is competing on Season 19 of Big Brother this summer.

Josh is a 23-year-old outgoing houseguest who works in haircare sales from Miami, FL, who currently resides in Homestead, FL.

It didn't take long for Josh to break down once he got settled in the Big Brother house. He has found himself in the middle of drama and missing his family back home terribly. The self-declared "mama's boy" hates the fact he cannot see or hear from his loved ones.

Josh, however, is starting to turn his game around now that he's working with veteran player Paul Abrahamian and trusting him. But one thing is for sure: Josh's relationship with former ally Cody Nickson is over, and Jessica Graf also can't stand him. If Josh can avoid outbursts and remain calm in the days again, he'll probably stay off people's radar.

Below is a list of 6 facts Reality TV World has compiled about Josh Martinez:

- Josh has been a huge fan of Big Brother since Season 14. He said he didn't go on the show for fame or notoriety; He just wanted the $500,000 grand prize.

- Josh -- who calls himself reactive and impulsive -- grew up in the business industry and says he can pick out a liar, snake and manipulator with ease.

- The greatest accomplishment of his life was obtaining his Bachelor's degree from college.

- Josh enjoys playing sports, going to the gym, reading, hiking, traveling, meeting new people, being an adrenaline junkie, and having new experiences.

- If Josh could have taken three things into the Big Brother house with him, he would've picked a cell phone to stay connected with the world, his mom to cook and clean for him, and his brother or sister so they could raise hell together.

- Josh's life motto is to play hard, work hard and live life the way you want.