Never let it be said that Sarah Kozer, already previously "outed" as a bondage and fetish film actress, wasn't willing to do whatever it took to earn some moolah. According to the New York Times and the Calgary Sun, Sarah, who only finished as runner-up on Fox's Joe Millionaire despite sneaking off into the bushes for some intimate moments with fake millionaire Evan Marriott, will grace the cover of the June issue of Playboy and appear in various stages of undress on the inside pages. Guess she really did have no regrets about her previous adult film work!

So, will Sarah tell all about how far she was willing to go to marry a multi-millionaire? We think not. In an appearance April 24 on ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Show, Sarah complained that Fox set her up and screwed her on Joe Millionaire. Uh, Sarah, we hate to be the bearers of bad tidings, but we don't think that was the Fox network screwing you...

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