In her first official comment regarding last month's online appearance of a honeymoon sex tape featuring herself and new husband Travis Wolfe, Jenna Lewis has released a statement claiming to be "fighting mad" over the tape's release. However the statement also promotes the video's website and mentions that the former Survivor All-Stars contestant plans to sell her "exclusive story" -- furthering speculation that the couple themselves were somehow involved in the tape's distribution.

The 42-minute sex video first appeared for purchase on the Internet in mid-June and was filmed during the couple's wedding night, which came after the 26-year-old mother of 7-year-old twins took off to Las Vegas to elope with the 21-year-old male model which she had known for only six weeks.

How the video leaked into the Internet, where an online site began charging $40 for a 10 day access pass to the full 42-minute footage, remains unclear, however a quick check of the site's domain registration information showed that the domain was registered on May 3, 2004 (the Monday following the couple's wedding) -- a fact that when combined with the couple's run to the altar, had sparked initial speculation that either Jenna or Travis themselves might have had a role in its release. Although hesitant to publicly comment on the video until now, Jenna and Travis had reportedly denied any involvement with the distribution of the footage.

That stance apparently changed yesterday however when Jenna released a press release stating that the "sharp-witted, vibrant reality television star" (her words, not ours) was "fighting mad" over what the release termed "the recent airing of her personal videos over the Internet." According to the statement, Jenna and Travis recorded their "honeymoon adventures" for "personal use" -- only to be embarrassed when the footage emerged on the website. Yet apparently they weren't too embarrassed, as the release mentions the video's website by name, thereby encouraging the download and purchase of additional copies, an inclusion that skeptical fans are citing as further evidence of what they believe to be the couple's own direct involvement (and financial benefit) in the video's release.

From there the release takes an even odder turn, with Jenna's own press release stating that she has been turning down "hordes" of interview requests "but is rumored" to be "close to choosing the media outlet to grant an exclusive interview." Beyond coming across a transparent mention that media outlets better hurry up and get their best cash offers on the table as soon as possible or risk losing out, the release's "rumored" phrasing also seems particularly insincere. After all -- wouldn't Jenna and her representatives definitively know whether or not she was close to choosing a media outlet?

According to the release, the interview will include addressing of the recent sex tape scandal as well as the discussion of "other private matters" and will explain the couple's "next course of action."