Paris Hilton, the "heirhead" star of Fox's The Simple Life 2, has settled her various lawsuits with Rick Salomon, her former lover, over their infamous (but grainy) sex tape, which Salomon has not-so-tastefully titled One Night In Paris.

According to the New York Daily News, the settlement involves Paris, her family and Rick dropping all of the lawsuits that they had against each other. The ownership of the tape, which was the real issue, will apparently be split between the two participants, but Salomon will have the right to continue to exploit it.

Therefore, Paris is entitled to royalties from the tape -- about $400,000 so far plus a continuing percentage of the sales -- which will be paid to Paris by Salomon and the video's current distributor, Red Light District Video.

We expect Salomon, who runs an adult-oriented company called "Beverly Hills Pimps & Hos," will use some portion of his earnings to fund his divorce from his estranged wife, ex-Beverly Hills 90210 star Shannon Doherty, to whom he was already married at the time of his sex romp with horny hotel heiress Paris. Nevertheless, it appears that the threat of more negative publicity about Paris' private life worked.

Paris' representatives stated that she is "not capitalizing" on the tape but instead intends to donate "an ample portion of the proceeds" to charity. We wonder why she isn't planning on donating all of her earnings from the tape to charity, since she clearly doesn't need the "blue money." But perhaps she needs some of the proceeds to replace her sex toys.

We also note that Paris has been in a public spat with the Leding family from Altus, Arkansas, who hosted her and Nicole Richie in The Simple Life 1. According to the Associated Press, Paris was asked whether she has kept in contact with the Ledings and responded, "I changed my number." Mom Janet Leding took offense to Paris's implication that the Ledings had been bothering her.

Said Janet, "She made us sound like we were trying to stalk her. Who's been calling her? We talked to them a couple of times right after they left. Nicole -- I talked to her about three times. We weren't trying to call them all the time. We don't care one way or other."

However, Janet did note that the boys of Altus may have been trying to contact Paris more than Paris, who currently dates former Backstreet Boy Nick Carter, would have liked. We can understand why they might call. After all, watching a grainy video is never as good as hands-on experience.