In a story that ranks right up there with "dog bites man" for shock value, reports began circulating this week that yet another sex tape of The Simple Life star Paris Hilton has surfaced.

First reported by the Rupert Murdoch-owned News of the World British tabloid (which alleges to have an 11 minute segment in its possession), the tape reportedly features 12 hours of footage of the "celebutante" having sex with various ex-boyfriends, including Nick Carter and Tommy Hilfiger model Jason Shaw.

For those following at home, this marks at least the third Paris Hilton sex tape to surface, following in the footsteps of the commercially-available tape featuring Paris and ex-boyfriend Rick Salomon and the unreleased "girl-on-girl" tape featuring Paris and former Playboy Playmate Nicole Lenz. The revelation of the new tape is consistent with previous rumors (reported when news of the second tape first emerged) that the "horny hotel heiress" had appeared in "as many as 10 amateur porn flicks."

According to News of the World, the new tape (or, more accurately tapes, given that 12 hours of footage is unlike to fit on a single tape) features Paris "writhing in the back of a car" with former Backstage Boy Nick Carter, as well as opening a bathroom door for Shaw while "wearing just a 'pore strip' plaster across her nose" and rolling a joint while saying "Paris Hilton Part Two: How to Roll a Joint!" In its initial report of the story, The New York Daily News also claimed that Paris' Simple Life co-star Nicole Richie was seen giving some "raunchy" commentary and professing her "fondness for gay men and lesbians" in the tape -- with the duo said to be "absolutely freaking out" over the tape's disclosure.

While initial media reports stated that the tape(s) were believed to have been stolen as part of an unsolved $100,000 robbery of Paris' Hollywood Hills home that occurred last month (with Paris' publicist going as far as to verify the reports and tell the New York Post that the Hilton family would sue anyone who tried to sell the tape), according to today's New York Daily News, the source of Paris' problems (once again) seems to be someone with a much less anonymous connection. According to the Daily News, the source of the 11-minute tape -- whose name the News Of The World is refusing to disclose -- is not, as Hilton spokesperson Mintz claimed, "a very, very professional gang of thieves," but rather an ex-boyfriend of Nicole's who is now "in negotiations" to sell the tapes back to the Hiltons.