Jeff Schroeder tried to remove the target from his back, however he had already made too many enemies in the house.

The 30-year-old advertising salesman from Norridge, IL became the ninth houseguest evicted from Big Brother's eleventh season during last night's live broadcast of the CBS reality series.

Jeff was revealed to be evicted from the Big Brother house on Day 61 by a 2-1 vote and became the eleventh-season's fourth jury member.  He was ousted by the competition's ninth Head of Household Kevin Campbell, a 29-year-old graphic designer from Chula Vista, CA.

Despite an agreement Jeff had previously made with Kevin and Natalie Martinez, a 24-year-old Tae Kwon Do champion from Gilbert, AZ, that he would be safe during this week of the competition, Kevin went back on his word and still nominated Jeff for eviction during Sunday night's Big Brother broadcast.  In addition, Kevin also nominated Michele Noonan, a 27-year-old neuroscientist from Pasadena, CA.

However Michele won the Power of Veto competition during Tuesday night's broadcast and removed herself from the block, leaving Kevin to put Jeff's closest ally -- Jordan Lloyd, a 22-year-old waitress from Matthews, NC -- on the block as the replacement nominee.

"This is what I feared most in this game, me and Jordan going up against each other," said Jeff after the PoV ceremony.  "My worst fears have come true.  Me and Michele tried to cut a deal with Kevin to keep me safe, and he's just not listening to reason right now.  I'm just pissed off at the guy and I'm coming right after him if there's a chance I stay on Thursday."

Natalie and Kevin were both pleased with themselves for getting Jeff and Jordan on the block and knew the move would likely be appreciated by recently evicted houseguests Jessie Godderz, Lydia Tavera and Russell Kairouz -- all of whom had been ousted by Jeff and Jordan.

"Jeff going to the jury house will be my present to Jessie," said Natalie.  "Karma is a bitch."

Since he was already promised Michele's vote at the upcoming eviction ceremony, Jeff knew that he needed to strike sort of deal with Natalie.  While he offered a promise to keep her safe during the next week in the house if he were to stay, she needed more -- especially considering Kevin was her closest ally.

"If Jeff wants me to burn the only ally I have left in this house, than he's definitely going to have to offer me a much sweeter deal than he is," she said in the Diary Room.

Jeff and Michele discussed the matter, and realized that both of them could guarantee Natalie HoH if she kept them in the house by evicting Jordan.  The only way to do this was if both would throw the next HoH and simply hand it to Natalie -- who would claim her first HoH.

"If she doesn't take that deal she's an idiot and you know what, I'll go home because there's idiots left in the house," Jeff told Natalie.

Jeff then approached Natalie with the deal, and she seemed intrigued by it.

"We've got a sweet deal for you," he told her.  "I would like to guarantee you HoH.  Guaranteed safety... I'll lay down."

"I definitely want HoH next week," replied Natalie, who was leery of Michele.

However Jeff promised Natalie that he could get Michele to throw the competition as well.

"I have a big decision coming up in-front of me," she said in the Diary Room.  "I have a lot of options.  I've been promised safety, I've been guaranteed Final 3.  Those deals are sounding pretty enticing.  Do I want an alliance with Kevin right now, or do I want to go to Final 3?"

Before the live eviction during last night's broadcast, home viewers saw Russell arriving in the jury house -- much to the dismay of Lydia and Jessie, who were hoping it would be Jeff instead.

Jessie then revealed to Russell that Natalie wasn't really 18-years-old -- a lie she had told during the cast's initial introductions and continued throughout the competition.  Jessie claimed that Natalie told him and previously expelled houseguest Chima Simone the truth, which surprised Russell and Lydia.

"To know that she's our age is a shocker," said Lydia.  "The foundation between Natalie and I is just based on lies and I've been truthful and sincere in what I've said and what I felt."

"This comes as a surprise," added Russell.  "Natalie is definitely hurting her cause."

Jessie, Lydia and Russell then watched video footage of the week inside the house leading up to Russell's eviction and realized what a good game Jeff had been playing.

"Would you ever consider voting for Jeff is he were in the Final 2?" asked Lydia.

"I would," answered Russell.

"I would too," added Jessie.  "Anybody that gets me out, you have to be like, 'That was the smartest move you could possibly do.'"

The live portion of the broadcast then resumed and Jeff reiterated the deal he was willing to strike with Natalie just prior to the eviction votes being cast.

"Sometimes you have to let destiny take its course and for my circumstance right now, an 18-year-old stands in the way of my destiny," said Jeff, unaware of Natalie's real age.

"There's a couple of things that are really important to you in this game Natalie: your word, your family, your boyfriend.  You have a chance to uphold all those tonight by... You have the opportunity tonight to have a free HoH room, where you can see your family and your boyfriend.  And, if you don't vote for me, take your luck with somebody who you know is a back stabber, who you know is not going to take you to the finals because he doesn't have the votes to beat you.  He knows it, and I know it.  So you have to ultimately do what's best for you."

Natalie was the first houseguest to cast her eviction vote.

"Big decision Natalie," said host Julie Chen.

"You're right Julie," responded Natalie.  "But [Jeff] made his choice early in this game when he decided to put me up against my best ally and evicted my best ally Jessie.  So for that reason, I vote to evict Jeff."

While Michele stuck to her word and voted to evict Jordan, Kevin -- as HoH -- cast the tie breaking vote and gave Jeff the boot.

"Nice desperate try, you're out of here," said Kevin.

Upon exiting the house, Jeff received a standing ovation from the live studio audience.

"It was nice," said Jeff about the ovation.  "It did make me feel better actually."

Julie asked Jeff about his Final 4 deal with Russell and wondered if he regretted backdooring him last week to instead trust Natalie and Kevin.

"I have to stick with my guns.  I think it was the best move," explained Jeff.  "I think Russell definitely would have taken HoH in the past HoH, and I think he was coming after me.  Ultimately, the worst thing I did was not win that PoV.  If I won that PoV, I think I would have won this game.  I think that's the one point I look back on."

Unsatisfied with the response, Julie asked Jeff again why -- after spending the entire competition on opposite sides of the house -- did he eventually choose to align himself with Kevin and Natalie.

"It was a tough decision, but I just couldn't trust Russell.  There was too much in the house with Russell saying he's coming after me and he's teaming up with Michele," said Jeff, unaware that Russell and Michele's plan to come after him was fabricated by Kevin and Natalie. 

"You have to live with your decisions... I took my chances with Kevin and it didn't work out.  Ultimately I blame myself."

Julie then asked Jeff about his relationship with Jordan.  Specifically, Julie wondered why Jeff and Jordan didn't share their planned goodbye kiss upon his eviction.

"Sometimes I get fired up and I lose what I want to do," answered Jeff, which brought an, "Aw!" from the studio audience.

"This crowd loves you," said Julie, who then sent Jeff to the jury house.

Following Jeff's eviction, the four remaining houseguests -- minus Kevin, who as the outgoing HoH, was deemed ineligible to compete -- competed in the season's next HoH competition.

Dubbed "Fact or Fiction," each player would have to respond either "fact" or "fiction" when asked a question about something a previously eliminated houseguest did following their eviction.  The player with the most correct answers at the end would win.

While Michele and Jordan were in the lead by one with only one question left, they both answered incorrectly while Natalie got it right -- forcing a three-way tie. 

Julie then asked each of them to write down the total number of cans that they all had in their tubes at the end of last week's HoH competition, and Natalie was the closest without going over -- winning her first HoH reign of the summer.

"Chima, vengeance is coming for you Chima!" exclaimed Natalie after her victory, an odd comment considering Chima willingly violated several of Big Brother's rules to force her expulsion from the game after Michele nominated her for eviction during her HoH reign.

Big Brother 11's next episode will air Sunday, September 6 at 8PM ET/PT on CBS.
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