Jason Warrior is headed to the "Knockout Round" after being stolen by The Voice coach Adam Levine.

Jason's original coach, Alicia Keys, matched him up with Christian Cuevas for a Battle in which they were asked to sing "Hello" by Adele.

Although Alicia was completely smitten with both of her artists, she chose to advance Christian because he was able to access "a real place" and was "brave enough" to let the audience into his mind and heart.

But Alicia admired Jason's energy and charisma, and apparently so did Adam, who pressed his button for the steal. Adam has believed since the start that Jason is very talented with a lot of potential.

In an interview after his Battle, Jason talked to Reality TV World about his experience on The Voice so far.

Reality TV World: Jason, I'd like to learn more about what it was like for you to be stolen. Has the switch been a smooth or kind of disruptive transition? And how has your experience been working with your new coach?

Jason Warrior: The transition has been smooth within itself. And [stolen artists] definitely have the best of both worlds simply because we are not learning something from one coach, we're learning something from, you know, two coaches now.

We can take what we learned from one coach and implement that into what we're learning from the new coach. And that makes us, you know, stronger and it makes us better as an artist and singer and performer.

And we're getting something that everyone else isn't getting. It's much more of a blessing at the end of the day -- because it's like, although we end up losing our Battles, we were given another chance. They saw something in us so we were given another chance to do it again.

Reality TV World: Have you noticed any major differences between working with Alicia and your new coach Adam? 

Jason Warrior: For me, I definitely noticed something different between Alicia and Adam. Alicia was so much like a cool, soulful, like just laid back, chill type of a coach and she didn't feel like a coach.

She felt so much more like a big sister that's siting there like, "Well, little bro, this is how you do it. Okay? This is how you do it..." That's how I felt with her. So, she was like really, really, really cool. And then Adam, he was like cool and kind of silly at the same time, but still cool.
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It was a great experience working with both of them. Like the experience working with Adam right now, it's amazing. He's really, really cool and he's teaching me so much.

He's teaching me so much, especially with like the falsetto and high ranges and stuff like that. and Alicia, she's so much more cool and laid back. She wants me to like pull back a little bit, so I can implement that in both as a performer and that'll help out a lot.

Also during the conference call, Jason talked to reporters about newfound fame and what was going through his mind when he was stolen.

Have you experienced the effects of fame yet? Are people on the street recognizing you from The Voice?
Jason Warrior:
Living here in Chicago, you know, it's at a point where not too many people actually support you musically. Out here, not too many people support you doing anything great period.

And the fact that I'm doing something great, you know, doing something constructive with music, and people are actually watch the show here in Chicago was a huge surprise, especially in my neighborhood. I have a lot of people coming up to me telling me how much of an inspiration I am to them and how my story has definitely touched them and it encourages them to do better.

It encouraged them to, you know, forgive somebody for not being there in their life and stuff like that. [They say] how me and Christian's performance was sending chills up their spines, sending chills up their body and just making them feel so good. They loved the song and loved how we performed.

And they are actually saying, "You know what, I know you! You were on The Voice." That's making me feel so blessed and so thankful, and that's one of the greatest things in the world. So, this has definitely been a great journey.

What was going through your mind when you were stolen? Were you surprised at all it was Adam who wanted to steal you?

Jason Warrior: It was not so much a surprise to me to actually get stolen simply because this was something that Christian and I, you know, were praying for, that one of us would still be here on the show. Because we both have worked hard to get to the point that we're at.

And, so, the fact that I got stolen, regardless of [which singer] got stolen, our prayers would have been answered. And that's exactly what happened. Our prayers were answered. Somebody got stolen and it was me, and I'm happy because I'm still here. I'm not going home.

And it was not necessarily a surprise that it was Adam who stole me simply because Adam was the first one who turned for me. Before I even knew that Alicia Keys was coming onto the show, my top pick would have been Adam and then [Pharrell Williams].

So the fact that Adam did turn around for me, you know, was cool. But then Alicia is now there and it's like, "Okay, wait a minute." And it just so happened that now I'm available for the steal and its Adam again. So, it's like, "Okay, maybe that's where he needed to be. That's where he needed to be this entire time."