Bear Grylls is finally out of Antarctica.

The star of Discovery Channel's Man vs. Wild reality series was airlifted to Cape Town, South Africa on Tuesday after he seriously injured his shoulder in a December 5 fall in Antarctica, People reported Wednesday.

"It's really good to be back in a normal place," Grylls told reporters, according to People. "Now I just want to get back to my family... and have my shoulder sorted out."

After the 34-year-old survival expert's injury last Friday, Discovery had released a Sunday statement which claimed Grylls was "currently on route back to the UK to get the medical attention he needs."

However due to what People described as four days of "nasty weather," Grylls was apparently unable to be flown from Antarctica to Cape Town until Tuesday.  He reportedly arrived "looking pale and exhausted with his arm in a sling underneath his T-shirt" on Wednesday morning.

Grylls was expected to consult a Cape Town doctor on Wednesday before flying to the U.K. to undergo surgery, People reported.

He was in Antarctica on an independent expedition to promote the potential of alternative energies and not filming for Man vs. Wild, the third season of which premiered in August.