Hunted fugitives Will Muzika and Miles Svoboda were found and captured by the show's military and law enforcement experts during Wednesday night's episode on CBS.

"I can't believe that just happened. There was nobody around us and I felt like we were totally off the grid. To have all the energy, all the effort we put in basically ruined by somebody we've never met, it's heartbreaking," Miles said once his team's run was over.

Hunted features 18 ordinary United States citizens going on the run across 100,000 square miles of the southeastern United States as fugitives. They are challenged to disappear in one of the most technologically-advanced nations in the world, and if a team of two people can avoid capture for 28 days, the pair will win $250,000.

The 32 hunters use real-life techniques to find the fugitives, who are given a one-hour head start to get away and only have $500 in their bank accounts. The teams on the run are allowed to ask anyone for help and can travel anywhere within "the hunting zone," which includes Alabama, South Carolina, Florida and Georgia.

At this point in the season, three teams have been captured yet six teams still remain.

Friends Will and Miles, who are very good-looking and charming young men, utilized a strategy of asking strangers for help as they traveled on foot and stayed at a different house every night. They relied on southern hospitality, but it came back to bite them.

The investigators looked through the guys' prolific social media accounts and then posted thousands of "Wanted" ad with a reward on Tinder, which branched out about 200 miles from their suspected location.

But when the guys asked a few young girls for help as well as a ride, one girl named Molly Scott called in a tip to the experts based on the Wanted ad. Molly's sisters were pissed she had betrayed them for money. When the guys received warning of the tip, one girl drove them to a different destination in South Carolina but her phone was tracked the whole way.

Will and Miles eventually ended up on a stranger's boat and a drone spotted them standing up on the boat. In no time, hunters caught up to them via boat and then chased them on foot on the dock, where the guys were captured.

While it seemed smart to rely on strangers for help rather than family or friends who could be tracked, strangers have no loyalty and therefore should not easily be trusted.

The other teams who were on the run in last night's episode were Lee Wilson and Hilmar Skagfield, whose mail system was tapped into and Lee's wife Beth accidentally butt-dialed a hunter; Aarif Mirza and Immad Ahmed, who were preparing to hide out in a stranger's camper and use kayaks to get away; and Sentra Tran and Thu Tran, who were tracked down at two different ATM machines as well as a gas station where they had purchased a burner phone to call a friend Rob, whom the hunters then found.

The impressive hunters this season include former FBI Robert Clark, former Navy SEAL Andy Stumpn, former CIA Connie Min, former U.S. Marshals commander Lenny DePaul, former British intelligence Ben Owen, former White House chief information officer Theresa Payton, former CIA analyst Aki Peritz, former NSA Cyber intelligence Landop UV, former military cyber expert Myke Cole, behavioral specialist Dr. Max Wachtel, former U.S. army special forces Chad Light, cyber analyst Charles Debarber, former naval intelligence Steve Masterson, intelligence analyst Zaira Pirzada, and Georgia swat commander Ry-Phi.