Hunted's experts failed to capture any of the eight remaining fugitives during Wednesday night's episode on CBS.

Hunted began with 18 ordinary United States citizens going on the run across 100,000 square miles of the southeastern United States as fugitives. The teams of two people are challenged to disappear in one of the most technologically-advanced nations in the world, and if a team can avoid capture by the show's military and law enforcement experts for 28 days, the pair will win $250,000.

The 32 hunters use real-life techniques to find the fugitives, who are given a one-hour head start to get away and only have $500 in their bank accounts. The teams on the run are allowed to ask anyone for help and can travel anywhere within "the hunting zone," which includes Alabama, South Carolina, Florida and Georgia.

Last night's episode kicked off with four teams still on the run -- David Windecher and Emiley Cox, English King and Stephen King, Aarif Mirza and Immad Ahmed, and Lee Wilson and Hilmar Skagfield.

David and Emiley were in trouble when the experts discovered Blaze, the ex-boyfriend of Emiley who works at a car dealership. The experts guessed that Blaze probably rented a vehicle in his name and gave it to the team, so in no time, the car's license plate was tracked down.

The experts were also tracking Holly's phone, an old friend of David's who had provided the pair transportation. Her cell pattern led to a location that matched an impressed on the calendar left behind at their home. Experts soon found out, however, that two buildings were listed under the same address and they just so happened to surround the wrong one, which allowed David and Emiley time to escape and run away.

Meanwhile, English and Stephen had been caught in a tropical storm. After waiting out the night in a constructions site, the couple hitched a ride with strangers to their next destination. The experts were onto their family, so English asked her sister to buy a burner phone and post something on Facebook that might throw the investigators off. Her sister, Amber, was later interrogated, but she lied and said she knew nothing of English and Stephen's whereabouts.

As for Hilmar and Lee, they stayed the night with friends. Lee knew his children were missing him at home and his pregnant wife Beth was having a tough time with his absence. Lee therefore took a big risk -- something he called "a gamble" -- to fly Beth out to see him via private plane. In the end, it shockingly worked out, and Beth revealed to her husband they are expecting a baby boy.

The guys grew over confident in their ability to hide after their successful mission and had Beth post a picture on Facebook of the three of them standing together in a deserted airport. However, the investigators were able to retrieve some information from the photo and told the cameras that Hilmar and Lee's cockiness will probably be their demise.

On Day 17, Aarif and Immad left a campsite they stayed at with newly-shaved heads and beards. Investigators were following them by having tracked down some Google searches the men had previously made. After using an expensive taxi ride as a way to distance themselves from their last spot, Immad had to take money out of an ATM again.

Knowing the guys are Muslim and they'd likely be fasting for Ramadan, the investigators discovered a mosque -- where Aarif and Immad stopped to worship and pray -- very close to the ATM. Just as the guys received a ride from a random person at the mosque, the experts confirmed it was Immad at the ATM through facial recognition software.

The impressive hunters this season include former FBI Robert Clark, former Navy SEAL Andy Stumpn, former CIA Connie Min, former U.S. Marshals commander Lenny DePaul, former British intelligence Ben Owen, former White House chief information officer Theresa Payton, former CIA analyst Aki Peritz, former NSA Cyber intelligence Landop UV, former military cyber expert Myke Cole, behavioral specialist Dr. Max Wachtel, former U.S. army special forces Chad Light, cyber analyst Charles Debarber, former naval intelligence Steve Masterson, intelligence analyst Zaira Pirzada, and Georgia swat commander Ry-Phi.