Josh Murray is having a difficult time moving on from his split with Amanda Stanton.

"The one thing I'm missing in my life is a wife and having a family and kids," Murray, 32, told Us Weekly.

Murray and Stanton, 26, fell in love and got engaged on Season 3 of Bachelor in Paradise last summer, after which Murray moved from his hometown of Atlanta, GA, to Southern California in order to live with Stanton and her two daughters Kinsley, 4, and Charlie, 3.

But Murray and Stanton called it quits on their relationship in December 2016, and now Murray is single and back in Atlanta.

"[My new life is] definitely an adjustment because Amanda had two kids, and I got attached to them," Murray revealed.

"Hardest part of being single now is I miss them -- I got attached to the little ones. We had a great time, some amazing times -- [Amanda and I] had ups and downs, like in any relationship, and unfortunately, it didn't work out. We learned a lot about each other after the show."

Murray admitted he wouldn't be against a possible reconciliation down the road.

"I don't know what the future holds," said the Season 10 The Bachelorette winner, adding that he's currently in contact with Stanton, which is progress.

"We definitely stay in touch, and I stay in touch with Charlie. She's a sweetheart. I think I may see her when I head to Los Angeles this week. It's back and forth just a little bit -- I don't like to end relationships and not be friends with people."

Murray -- who had also ended a nine-month engagement to Andi Dorfman in January 2015 -- insisted he isn't the only one to blame for the demise of his relationship with Stanton, whom friends and fans are more likely to support.

"After two failed engagements, you hear all these things on how things are your fault and what you did wrong, and women especially always take Amanda's side. [But] I have to take responsibility -- it's both people who were at fault. I will always take responsibility," Murray explained to Us.

Even though things didn't work out, Murray can't deny that his feelings for Stanton as shown on Bachelor in Paradise were real and genuine.

"I know that during the process of the show, we fell in love, and we could see a future together, and even after a little bit with Kins and Charlie, it was very serious," Murray said. "Unfortunately, we just couldn't work through some certain things."

Since he's back on the market, Murray may be up for another stint on Bachelor in Paradise or a shot at love on a different reality show.

"When I love, I love hard -- I love very hard," the former Famously Single contestant noted. "That was the whole purpose of me going on this show. I was to try to find someone to fall in love with, and I did -- unfortunately, it just didn't work out. It's very tough considering that I found that [even] with cameras."