Hell's Kitchen star Gordon Ramsay eliminated Sterling Wright during Wednesday night's broadcast of the thirteenth-season culinary competition on Fox.

Sterling, a 40-year-old grill chef from Nashville, TN, was ousted from Hell's Kitchen after Chef Ramsay determined he was just not ready to be a leader and serve as an executive chef in one of his restaurants following a questionable dinner service.

After eliminating Sterling without any deliberation, Chef Ramsay asked the Blue Team and Red Team to each nominate one chef who performed poorly in the dinner service.

The Blue Team nominated Brian Santos, a 33-year-old sous chef from Boston, MA, for being the weakest chef of them all. Meanwhile, the Red Team put Roe DiLeo, a 33-year-old head chef from Dallas, TX, on the chopping block due to her inconsistencies in the kitchen.

However, after Roe boasted she was a leader and Brian argued he had the passion and drive to continue on in Hell's Kitchen, Chef Ramsay decided to save both of them. The remaining six chefs then earned their black jackets.

The Hell's Kitchen broadcast began with Chef Ramsay explaining the challenge. Each team member had to create "the most stunning dish" by placing it into just one explosive bite. Tanya Steele, the editor-in-chief of Epicurious, helped judged the challenge and gave each contestant a score from 1-5. In the end, the Blue Team destroyed the Red Team with 23 points to their 16 points.

Since the Blue Team won, they were given the opportunity to fly in their own private helicopter to Catalina Island and have lunch at the Bluewater Avalon restaurant right on the waterfront. For losing the challenge, the Red Team was forced to unload 200 coconuts, crack each of them open and make fresh coconut milk in preparation for the upcoming dinner service.

As for the dinner service, each team had to serve Ahi Tuna in addition the regular menu. Chef Ramsay had to kick the Red Team out of the kitchen at one point so they could get their stuff together. Sterling was also blamed for cooking scallops poorly, so he had to be replaced in the Fish Station. Brian had also failed to cook his scallops well for a VIP table.

Once dinner concluded, Chef Ramsay admitted it wasn't a bad service but it just wasn't what he was hoping for. He then asked Sterling to step forward, telling him that he had been "a phenomenal relentless competitor" but just wasn't ready for the big leagues yet. Chef Ramsay called him "a joy" to be around, and Sterling walked out of Hell's Kitchen with his head held high because he felt he had won Ramsay's heart.