Gordon Ramsay responded to a mom who said her baby looks a lot like him, saying "I feel sorry for the baby!!!"

The celebrity chef acknowledged a post that poked fun at the idea he may be the father to the newborn, whose mother is Twitter user Claire Dempster.

"This is our baba - have you been in Wales for any reason around 10 months ago," Dempster tweeted at Ramsay Thursday.

As a joke, despite being misconstrued by some fans as his claiming the baby as his, Ramsay replied, "Yes about 11 months ago."

Once Internet outlets began picking up the story, the "Hell's Kitchen" and "Hotel Hell" star retweeted an article from The Scottish Sun adding "I feel sorry for the baby."

In response to an article by the "Today" show, Ramsay simply wrote, "Poor kid."

And in response to reporters on Twitter, mother Dempster said her photo's sudden virality was "a bit mad."

Earlier this month, Ramsay confirmed he is expecting his fifth child with wife Tana Ramsay. The 49-year-old celebrity chef is also father to four teenage daughters.