Giuliana & Bill's fifth season will premiere on Monday, April 2 at 8PM ET/PT, The Style Network has announced.

The fifth season of Giuliana & Bill will chronicle Giuliana Rancic's battle with breast cancer and her husband Bill Rancic's involvement in her road to recovery.

The upcoming season will also feature the couple opening their restaurant RPM Italian in Chicago, their search for a home in the area, and their continuing hope that they can have children and start a family one day.

"Since day one of our marriage, Bill and I have welcomed Style into our lives, from traveling with us to Italy for our wedding, to following our struggles to conceive," Giuliana said in a statement.

"In 2011, we faced our scariest obstacle yet when I was diagnosed with breast cancer, but as we start 2012, I am focused on living in the present. Bill and I look forward to this new year of opportunity and good health and can't wait to once again share our journey with the Style viewers."

Giuliana & Bill is produced by Comcast Entertainment Studios with Giuliana, Bill, Robert Sizemore, Mykelle Sabin, and Jay James serving as executive producers.