Giuliana Rancic has officially announced she's coming back to Fashion Police.

"Yes, I am returning to Fashion Police," the Giuliana & Bill star told Extra.

Rancic suggested her return was based on a set of conditions following the controversial incident in which the show accidentally edited a joke she made that ultimately became an issue of race, offended Zendaya Coleman and prompted Kelly Osbourne to quit.

"Once it comes back, it's going to be a show that I'm proud to be on and that people are proud to watch," Rancic said.

Not long after Osbourne left the show and insisted on social media she never would've joked about Coleman's dreadlocks, Kathy Griffin chose to exit Fashion Police as well, citing that the show's mean-spirited creative direction did not match her humor.

"I have not spoken to Kathy since all of this happened. So yeah," Rancic admitted. "And I've not spoken to Kelly since all this happened either."

When asked which celebrities Fashion Police is aiming towards to fill those two open spots, Rancic replied on Extra, "I'll tell you this, and this is the truth."

"Right now, they've held off looking at people because now we're on this hiatus," Rancic continued. "Right now, all the focus is on the actual show itself and the format of the show and the segments and the tone of the show. Once they figure that out, then they'll figure out the cast."

One day prior to the April 7 release of Rancic's memoir, Going Off Script, Osbourne fired off this pointed tweet: "Liars always get caught."

"The tweet is definitely about Giuliana," a source told Us Weekly. "They're totally feuding."

However, Rancic is having a tough time believing Osbourne's message was designed to take a shot at her.

"Someone called me and told me about it and I'm like, 'Did she say my name? Because there's no way that can be about me, because I'm telling the truth,'" Rancic claimed.

"This was just such a tough incident -- horrifying -- to have my name in headlines that were insinuating there were racial undertones... It was something I'd never expect in my wildest nightmares to happen to me, and it happened!"
About The Author: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski
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