Former American Idol finalist Brooke White says she's on her way to accomplishing one of her biggest goals in life besides making it as a singer.

White, who attempted to keep the news of a "little project" she had been working on a secret for about four months, has announced she is pregnant with her first child now that she can no longer hide her baby bump.

"Yep, I'm havin' a BABY y'all! WOW, how weird does it feel to say that?! Super Weird and yet super awesome! I've always said I wanted to be an 'M&M' a musician and a momma, and it looks like that is all coming to fruition in my twenty eighth... almost twenty ninth year of life (by the time she arrives), and I have to say while it came as a happy surprise, and at the same time, later then I ever expected, I'm feeling great about having a baby at this point in my life!" White recently wrote on her Brookie Babble blog.

"This little gal is already keepin' up with the crazy, in my Ultrasound we could see that we have a serious Rock n' Roll baby on our hands... by the looks of it, she's partyin' it up in there! My doctor said, 'Wow she doesn't sit still!' and Dave Ray quickly spouted 'Just like her mom!' HA!"

White finished fifth on the seventh season of American Idol, which aired in early 2008.