When Bravo's upcoming "Boy Meet Boy" was first announced and the premise revealed, we were sure that gay rights would have rightfully been up in arms and protesting. Instead, to our surprise, according to the New York Post, at least one major gay rights group seems to be supporting and applauding the show's cruel and deceptive premise of staging a "Bachelor"-like program in which a gay man is looking to select a partner from a group of 15 suitors that, unbeknownst to the eligible bachelor, contains numerous straight men who were paid by the program to pretend to be gay.

"This is going to blur the boundaries of what is thought to be straight and what is thought to be gay in this country," said, Scott Seomin, a spokesman for The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation. "Straight guys and viewers will discover what it's like to be in the closet," said Seomin. "Because of that twist, the show is going to be talked about more - and there's going to be more straight viewers," said Seomin.

"Gays do not necessarily have to be protected from reality-dating show twists," says Seomin. "Right now, from 'The Bachelor' to 'Joe Millionaire,' when you go on a dating show that's going to be broadcast on television, you have to expect a twist or two. "In the future, we're hoping to see 'Girl Meets Girl,' 'Bisexual Meets Boy and Girl,' " Seomin joked.