Yes, apparently the earlier rumors were true -- James Getzlaff, the gay bachelor from Bravo's Boy Meets Boy, and Wes Culwell, the gay single that he selected at the conclusion of the series, are no longer presuming a relationship.

As is standard practice with most reality dating shows, once Boy Meets Boy finished taping in May, James and Wes were not allowed to be seen alone together in public until after the program finished airing in September. In an interview given after the series ended, Wes stated that in the interim, the two stayed in touch via phone, e-mail and group outings, however now that the series was over, "we’re picking up where we left off." "There’s potential there, definitely. Absolutely. But where you saw us walking off hand-in-hand, that’s where we’re picking up now. The trip to New Zealand [that we won] is in March."

Apparently the potential didn't pan out, because TVGuide reports that while both James and Wes were in attendance at last week's Out magazine's annual "Out 100" party, both of them brought separate dates. James, who has recently quit his human resources job at an Los Angeles law firm to "focus on showbiz," attended the event with his current boyfriend, Universal Pictures publicist Mark Markline. Meanwhile, while Wes' escort was only identified as a "tall, handsome guy with a faux mohawk haircut," according to TV Guide, Wes seemed to be more focused on getting his photo taken by event photographers than on his date. No word yet as to who, if anyone, will be visiting New Zealand this spring.

As for those New York tabloid reports that James is dating Jai Rodriguez, the "culture guy" from Bravo's Queer Eye For The Straight Guy, according to a TV Guide source, that simply isn't the case. "It's so not true," said their source, "Jai has a huge crush on James, but they're just friends. Besides, James has a boyfriend."

Additionally, in another "do all these contestants come from the same pool of applicants" moment, Reichen Lehmkuhl, the no-longer-married co-winner of CBS' The Amazing Race 4 who is also currently pursuing an acting career, noted to TV Guide that "It's funny, James and I have played on the same beach volleyball team since before any of this TV stuff happened."

Yep, it's a big coincidence... sure. We only wonder how many other members of this spotlight-craving volleyball team we'll soon see appearing on the small screen.