Do you think that reality TV actually shows reality? Before you answer, consider the final date between Wes Culwell and James Gaetzlaff on Bravo's Boy Meets Boy this summer.

Wes told Rex Wockner of the Windy City Times that the date, which was portrayed briefly on the show, contained four disasters, only one of which (a fire during dinner) made it onto TV.

The date consisted of a drive to a lookout point followed by a carriage ride and dinner. Sounds simple, right? Not so, according to Wes. "At the lookout point, a group of 13-year-old girls thought we were a boy band and they were pounding on the window of the limousine wanting our autographs. We’re like: ‘We’re in a gay show. Get out of here.’ Then, the carriage ride around Palm Springs, we got pulled over by the police. There’s an open-container law and we were drinking champagne. They were writing citations. We were like: ‘Producers! Help!’ The limousine crashed into the fountain in front of the leading man’s house—broke the fountain, cracked the transmission. And we’re like, ‘Is this romantic or is it insane, I can’t tell.’ And then the fire. It was one of those nights.”

And despite all of that, James picked Wes to accompany him on the trip to New Zealand. It makes you wonder -- how many unseen disasters must have happened on the other final dates if James was willing to go on a much longer trip with Wes as his companion?