Timothy Zickuhr , who appeared on the History Channel's 2010 season of "Ice Road Truckers: Deadliest Roads," has been charged with kidnapping a Las Vegas prostitute last December.

A prostitute who calls herself "Snow White" told police that Zickuhr hired her on December 18, according to court documents, though there was an argument about her payment.

When they met to discuss their financial dispute at his apartment the next day, Snow White said Zuckhur attacked her and threatened to kill her.

Zickuhr allegedly locked her in the closet, where Snow White called an undercover police officer who said to ring if she were ever in danger. Zickuhr phoned the police officer two more times and demanded $1,000.

When neighbors heard a woman screaming and called the police, Zickuhr allegedly forced the woman to jump out of his second-story window.

Zickuhr was subsequently arrested. He posted bail in January and is due in court this May.