Former Ice Road Truckers star Timothy Zickuhr has been charged with first-degree kidnapping, extortion and coercion after allegedly kidnapping a prostitute in Las Vegas.

According to the police report, the alleged victim -- who goes by the name Snow White -- claims Zickuhr gave her his ATM card to pay for her services on December 18, which sparked an argument because the reality TV star believed she had taken out too much cash, E! News reported.

When the pair reportedly met the following day to discuss the issue, Snow White alleges Zickuhr threatened to kill her, punched her in the face and demanded his money back, which totaled $1,000.

Zickuhr then locked Snow White in a closet, according to E! News, and asked her to cough up a phone number for someone he could reach and obtain the alleged stolen money from. The prostitute reportedly tricked the trucker and gave him an undercover police officer's number to call instead.

Zickuhr, who appeared on the second season of History Channel's Ice Road Truckers: Deadliest Roads in 2011, then unknowingly called and threatened authorities, who reportedly rushed to the scene and arrested him after a brief chase on foot.

The truck driver reportedly posted bail in January and is due in court next month, according to E! News.

The History Channel declined comment on the incident, but a representative reportedly confirmed Zickuhr has had nothing to do with the network since the Ice Road Truckers' 2011 spinoff.