Flavor of Love's first two seasons proved to be unfruitful for Flavor Flav, so he's apparently decided to spice things up for the show's upcoming third installment.

"You've got to upgrade.  So I changed some things up in Season 3, and it's definitely going to be bananas.  Let me put it this way: It's -- wow -- a whole different look," said Flav in TV Guide's February 17 issue.  "Some of the events are different.  And I got in positions that you wouldn't expect Flavor Flav to be in.  I'm going sky-diving and chartering planes to take girls to even more romantic places."

VH1's Flavor of Love 3 will premiere Monday, February 11 at 9PM ET/PT, and it will follow a similar format to the show's first two editions, with the Public Enemy rapper whittling down a group of women vying for his affection.

"Usually I give the girls nicknames, but not this time," Flav told TV Guide.  "The Season 3 girls let me know what they want to be called."

Flavor of Love's third-season cast ranges in age from 21- to 30-years-old, includes three women who work at Hooters, and five contestants who were chosen by online viewer voting. 

"You can tell right off that I got a different batch of females!  But don't worry; I weeded out the fake hood-rats and the spitters," Flav told TV Guide.  "People are like books.  All you've got to do is read 'em, and I'm not dumb.  I have a good sense of intuition."

Flavor of Love's Winter 2006 first season ended with the Public Enemy rapper selecting Nicole "Hoopz" Alexander as the show's winner over Tiffany "New York" Pollard. 

However the two eventually decided they were better suited to be friends, which prompted Flavor of Love's Summer 2006 second season and the return of Pollard, who once again tried to woo Flav. 

While Pollard made it all the way to the final chain ceremony, Flav chose Chandra "Deelishis" Davis, spurning Pollard for a second time.

Flav acknowledged his romantic relationships with Alexander and Davis "didn't work out," but added "that's all right."

"I'm all about finding my true soul mate.  And after two seasons of dating girls -- and refereeing cat fights -- I'm still looking for her," he told TV Guide.  "Sometimes you have to go through a lot of people before you find 'the one.'  For everybody, there is somebody.  The name of the game is K-I-M.  Keep.  It.  Moving."

Regardless of Flavor of Love 3's outcome, Flav said his gut is telling him this will be the final installment of his The Bachelor-like reality series.

"That intuition is also telling me that Season 3's got to be my last.  The show is really starting to make it look like I can't find love, and that's not true," he told TV Guide.  "After this season, I'm going onto bigger and better things.  Maybe the winner will come along.  Maybe not.  You've got to watch to find out."