Flavor Flav was hit with two fireworks-related citations Friday ahead of his annual Fourth of July fireworks show at his home in Las Vegas Valley.

Flav, whose real name is William Drayton Jr., has had several encounters in the past with neighbors who complain about his lavish and illegal fireworks shows.

In spite of the 55-year-old rapper's best attempts to avoid being caught -- last year he used a police scanner to figure out the best time to set the fireworks off -- Flav was hit with a citation before he could begin this year's spectacle.

The Review Journal reports, anonymous neighbors tipped police that the rapper had "three or four pallets of fireworks stacked 4 feet high" for this year's festivities. Flav reportedly promised to set them off all at once to avoid encounters with police. In previous years, he had lit them up in batches.

However, this year's show never happened as authorities confiscated more than 100 pounds of his fireworks before 8 p.m. Friday and gave him two fireworks-related citations, said Lt. Ken Romaine.

On Saturday, police followed up with neighbors and suggested they petition the District Attorney's office for help in their attempt to do something about the rapper's behavior.

The rapper's citations come three months after he pleaded guilty to misdemeanor battery in Los Angeles over a 2012 incident.