Despite the show's history of over-the-top promos, The Bachelor creator Mike Fleiss says he isn't crying wolf with his recent comments that the reality dating show's thirteenth-season ending is "shocking" and the "most dramatic ever."

"[If] I'm the boy that cried wolf [before], well this time it's a wolf," Fleiss told Reality TV World on Friday.

"It's five wolves, it's a pack of wolves!  I'm telling you, money back guarantee.  If anyone thinks this isn't the most shocking The Bachelor ever, you have them call me, because I'll want to know why, because it is, it most definitely is.  I don't even think there [has been] anything close."

Fleiss' comments have come despite The Bachelor star Jason Mesnick's previous gushing that he's "engaged" and "completely in love." 

However Fleiss told Reality TV World that doesn't mean The Bachelor's upcoming ending is predictable.

"That might be a mislead, you never know," teased Fleiss when asked about Mesnick's comments.  "It's astonishing, and whatever you think it is, you can't be completely right, there's no way." 

What did you think The Bachelor's "shocking" ending is?

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Last week, ABC announced it will air The Bachelor: After the Final Rose, Part 2 -- an apparent extension to the already-scheduled The Bachelor: After the Final Rose special the network will air on Monday, March 2 at 10PM ET/PT immediately after the thirteenth season's two-hour finale broadcast -- on Tuesday March, 3 at 10PM ET/PT.

"The network knows the way the show ends and they know its going to do a giant [ratings] number," Fleiss told Reality TV World about the decision to expand the show's season.  "They're going to want to show a little bit more of the story."

However according to Fleiss, the extra hour will be worth it to viewers.

"I can not confirm or deny anything," he said.  "[But] if you like reality TV at all, those hours of reality TV are going to be satisfying to you, I guarantee.  Guaranteed."