Emily Maynard has finally gotten her happy ending.

The eighth-season The Bachelorette star wed fiance Tyler Johnson, an automotive management consultant, in a surprise wedding in Sharon, South Carolina on Saturday.

"God brought us together. He's given me such peace about everything. I'm so grateful I met him," Maynard, who took Johnson's name, told People.

The couple reportedly exchanged vows in front of 200 family and friends at Johnson's parents' farm yet initially told their guests the event was just going to be an engagement party. Maynard and Johnson, both 28, had been planning the surprise wedding over the last three months.

Maynard walked down a pathway lit by lanterns while wearing a light pink Modern Trousseau gown and cowboy boots at sunset, according to People, and she wed Johnson under a white oak tree. Maynard's eight-year-old daughter Ricki served as the maid of honor and the reality TV star said she wouldn't have had it any other way.

"It's just as much her day as it is mine because it's a big change for her," Maynard explained. "She just adores Tyler and he is so good with her. He loves her as if she was his own daughter. It's been so great to see their relationship grow."

The pair's honeymoon will also apparently be a surprise -- for Maynard.

"Tyler planned it," the former fifteenth-season The Bachelor winner told the magazine. "He told me we're going to a beach. We could totally be going to Myrtle Beach for all I know!"

After their vacation, the couple will reportedly move into their new house in Charlotte, NC.

Maynard announced she had gotten engaged to Johnson in January. He had proposed with five diamond-studded bands and it marked the fourth time Maynard had gotten engaged. Maynard was previously engaged to the late Ricky Hendrick, fifteenth-season The Bachelor star Brad Womack and eighth-season The Bachelorette winner Jef Holm.

Hendrick, a former NASCAR driver, died in a plane crash in 2004 when she was pregnant with their daughter. Maynard then competed on The Bachelor and won Womack's heart, but the couple split in May 2011. Afterward, Maynard continued her pursuit of finding love on reality television when she starred as the Bachelorette and selected Holm. The pair broke up in October 2012.

"For so long I felt so embarrassed and ashamed about that TV stuff," said Maynard, who met Johnson a few months before she began filming The Bachelorette in March 2012 but didn't begin dating him until after she split from Holm.

"The grace that my faith has given me to wipe that all away and not find worth in that and find it through God, Tyler has been a great example of that for me. He has truly lived out God's grace every day."