Airplane Repo has landed at Discovery Channel.

The network has ordered the new reality series from Dirty Jobs executive producer Craig Piligian, which will follow repo man Nick Popovich as he travels the globe and repossesses airplanes and other big-ticket items, The Hollywood Reporter reported Thursday.

"There's a lot of action, it has an element of danger and a lot of suspense, and there's always a ticking clock," Piligian told The Reporter.

"The show goes all over the world -- Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Finland -- anywhere there's a plane, whether for an airline that goes bankrupt or some rich guy who hasn't made his payments."

Discovery Channel has ordered eight episode of the series, which will be executive produced by Piligian, Popovich and The Apprentice first-season winner Bill Rancic -- who served as the repo man's advisor on the show.

Piligian -- who also produces Ghost Hunters, The Ultimate Fighter, Sandhogs, Extreme Loggers and American Choppers -- began shopping the series to cable networks in June.

Airplane Repo is currently slated to debut early next year, according to The Reporter.