ABC's "Dancing with the Stars" pro Derek Hough says he regrets offending his fellow competitors on TV Tuesday night.

Hough's dance partner and rumored paramour, Shannon Elizabeth, was seen sobbing on the small screen as Hough let loose on the judges and their fellow competitors.

After the judges criticized Elizabeth's dance moves for a second week in a row, Hough was seen on videotape blasting the judges for giving high scores to couples with "horrific, demented lines."

"We were heated and we got up in the moment and that's really not my character," Hough told People magazine Thursday night at the Sin City premiere of Elizabeth's movie "Deal in Las Vegas."

"I regret it a little because it wasn't intended for the competitors, so I regret that I may have offended them a little," he said. "I spoke to the competitors and apologized, and a few of them said I said what they were all thinking and not to worry about it."