Dancing with the Stars executive producer Conrad Green has announced he's leaving the reality dancing competition at the end of this season to join Fox's upcoming show Utopia as an executive producer.

"I'm enormously proud of everything we've achieved on Dancing With The Stars. This has been the job of a lifetime and I'm thankful for every performance, every dancer and every colleague I've worked with over the years, and to ABC and BBC Worldwide Prods. for these past 18 seasons. What was once a small dancing show has thrived and become a cultural phenomenon," Green told Deadline Hollywood.

"But after almost 10 years, the opportunity to take on a project with the immense potential of Utopia was simply too good to pass up. The ambition and scale of the challenge is thrilling. I'll miss everyone I've worked with on Dancing With the Stars and look forward to this next exciting chapter."

Green's departure will follow Dancing with the Stars' eighteenth-season finale, which is scheduled for May 20.

Green has been a part of Dancing with the Stars since the beginning, and he was even part of the team who initially pitched the reality show idea to ABC. Dancing with the Stars' first season debuted back in June 2005.

Utopia, which Fox announced it had ordered in January, will challenge participants to create a perfect utopian civilization while surviving at an isolated, undeveloped location for an entire year. The show will feature "pioneers" living in an environment together with no existing power structures and limited amenities.

Utopia's "inhabitants" will be tasked with building a new society and attempting to become indispensable to the group, otherwise, they'll risk being "exiled" back to their regular lives and replaced by potential newcomers. Similar to Big Brother, the "inhabitants" will be recorded 24/7 and live feeds will be available online.

Also reportedly joining Utopia as an executive producer is Jon Kroll, who previously worked on Big Brother and The Amazing Race.