Kathy Griffin's mom apparently wasn't too thrilled her daughter said the word "d**k" on-air during CNN's New Year's Eve coverage in New York City's Times Square alongside network anchor Anderson Cooper.

"I said that joke and now my mother is not speaking to me.  My mom cried for three days solid," said Griffin during a Tuesday night appearance on ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live!.  "She calls and she says, 'I've been crying for three days solid!  How could you do that to my Anderson!'"

The Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List star added her mom was "very, very upset" by her daughter's language.

"I love when she does this -- that I've shamed the family.  Like we're the Rockefellers. 'You shamed the family again Kathleen!'" said Griffin.  "My mom is inconsolable.  It took not one but two boxes of wine to get her back off the ledge."

Instead of constantly taking shots at celebrities, Griffin said her mom wishes she used more tasteful humor in her comedy.

"She always says, 'Kathleen, you're so funny.  If only your comedy could not make fun of people,'" said Griffin.  "So my mom's dream is if I could go and do my act about like the differences between dogs and cats or the difference between New York and L.A. -- but not name anyone in New York or L.A."

Griffin's gaffe was broadcast on CNN after Cooper announced that they were going to a commercial break.

"By the time that moment happened it was well after [midnight] and we were the only fools still out there," she told Kimmel, adding it was "really cold." 

"After a while it just became a joke and every commercial break I was trying to do anything I could to make [Cooper] laugh.  I really didn't know my mic was hot."

However the mics were left on long enough after the cameras were cut off to catch Griffin's exchange with a nearby heckler.

"By the time I get back to the hotel, my YouTube moment is all over the Internet," she said of the incident.

It was Griffin's second consecutive year co-hosting CNN's New Year's Eve coverage with Cooper.

"Anderson Cooper was such a gentleman and he was so gracious... and I couldn't resist," she told Kimmel.  "He's so wonderful and he's such a serious journalist, and then I come along with my d**k jokes and then he's got to clean up my mess basically."
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Griffin's gaffe was cut out of CNN's subsequent rebroadcasts of the New Year's special.
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