Courtney Robertson has opened up about her brief, whirlwind of a relationship with former The Bachelorette bachelorette Arie Luyendyk Jr. following her messy split from Ben Flajnik.

"I made the mistake of checking Ben's [social media] pages the first weekend after [our October 2012] split. He and his friends kept posting pictures of him partying his face off... He obviously didn't care about me. It felt inconsiderate and like he was throwing it in my face. Feeling devastated and lonely, I was pretty vulnerable when Arie, a fellow Scottsdalian, reached out to me within those first few days," Robertson wrote in her upcoming memoir, I Didn't Come Here to Make Friends -- Confessions of a Reality Show Villain Courtney Robertson.

"I had this uncontrollable urge to act out and there he was. First Arie tweeted publicly that he was bummed about the breakup and thought we were going to make it: 'I guess it just takes the right couple.' Then he tweeted me privately, 'Heard the news. Hope you're doing okay.' I messaged him my number and told him I was in Arizona hiding out at my parents' house. He called me and we made plans to meet up."

Luyendyk Jr. previously competed on Emily Maynard's edition of The Bachelorette and finished as the runner-up. Despite getting a stern warning from her parents not to get involved with the racecar driver, Robertson still pursued it and invited him over her parents' house when they left for a vacation in Maine "like a naughty teenager (and a serial rebounder)."

Luyendyk Jr. rushed over with takeout and two bottles of wine.

"He and a bunch of guys watched [Ben's season] and he said he knew then that I was his 'dream babe.' He said from that moment on he had a crush on me. He was rewarded for that touching story with a make out session that lasted for what seemed like an eternity. Though he is an expert at lip locking, known among fans of the show as the Kissing Bandit, I was getting hot and bothered, and needed more," Robertson wrote in an advance copy of the memoir obtained by Reality TV World.

"'Arie, I feel like I'm in high school. I can't just keep making out with you,'" she told him. "He was hesitant, for a millisecond, but then we headed into my childhood bedroom, into my canopy bed, for what can only be described as the best sex I've ever had."

Leave it to the model and former sixteenth-season The Bachelor bachelorette to get into more detail.

"Why was it so good you ask? Arie's incredibly passionate and utilizes his entire body in his lovemaking. And he knows exactly what positions make a woman comfortable and satisfied," she said.

"When it was over, I gave him a massage and I could tell he was smitten. 'Will you be my girlfriend?' He joked. He told me he was going to cut all ties with the different women he was seeing. 'That's the first lie you've ever told me,' I joked back. After he left, he posted to Twitter, 'Amazing what can happen if you take a chance.'"

Robertson explained that although she didn't like how much attention Luyendyk Jr. sought on social media, she admired his "zest for life" -- unlike Flajnik who had been "so private, cold and unemotional."

Robertson spent 12 days in Scottsdale at her parents' place but enjoyed most of her time with Luyendyk Jr. She felt safe with him and liked that he understood life post-The Bachelor/ette franchise. Robertson admitted she felt closer to him than she had felt to Flajnik after a year together. Robertson said Luyendyk Jr. was attentive, complimentary and -- unlike Flajnik -- didn't need an entourage by his side at all times.

Once their relationship became public, which was apparently unintentional, "all hell broke loose." Flajnik flipped out and told Robertson never to speak to him again because it was "a low blow." He said she "dug her own grave" and lost all credibility in the media. In return, Robertson yelled at Flajnik for being the one who gave up on their love.
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It started "a vicious war," said Robertson. "Like Ben said, 'Things don't end, unless they end badly.' Boy, did we crash and burn."