Cole Medders is a castaway on Season 35 of Survivor dubbed Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers.

Cole is a 24-year-old wilderness therapy guide from Little Rock, AR. He started off the season on the Healers tribe called "Soko," but after the merge, he ended up on a mixed tribe at Yawa's camp.

Lucky for Cole, his new tribe features two more original Healers -- his love interest Jessica Johnston and his ally Mike "Dr. Mike" Zahalsky.

However, as the latest episode showed, Cole is rubbing his fellow tribemates the wrong way by eating a lot of food and having poor manners.

Will Cole's behavior get him kicked off his tribe or will his physical ability in challenges keep him alive at least for a while longer? It will also be interesting to see whether Jessica sticks by him despite his difficulty keeping secrets.

Below is a list of 6 facts Reality TV World has compiled about Cole Medders:

- Cole believes he can win Survivor because he has the mental fortitude and strength it takes to survive. He also claims to be fearless, smart, well-rounded and have excellent problem-solving skills.

- Cole's personal claim to fame is climbing the two tallest peaks in the Western Hemisphere -- Denali and Acacongua.

- His inspiration in life is Tommy Coldwell, a professional climber who lost his ring finger and has a family. Tommy's motto is "no excuses" and he has it all just by pursuing his passions.

- Cole considers himself unreserved, dauntless and flirtatious.

- The Survivor castaway he says he's most like is Spencer Bledsoe from the Cagayan and Cambodia seasons because he came across as a nerd -- or just a little awkward -- but ended up dominating in challenges and in the mental/social game, which is what Cole envisioned for himself entering the game.

- Cole is starting to dabble in some modeling. He just recently posed for a photo shoot for photographer Caleb Shane.