Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf fell in love while stuck inside the Big Brother house, and now they're going to get to travel the world together on The Amazing Race.

CBS has announced Cody -- who was selected to be "America's Favorite Houseguest" on Big Brother's 19th season -- and his girlfriend Jessica will compete on The Amazing Race's upcoming 30th season on CBS.

Fans will be able to watch the power couple nicknamed "Jody" take off from the starting line in a live CBS streaming event on Sunday, October 1 at 11:30AM. The Amazing Race teams will be shown starting their journey around the world at Washington Square Park in New York.

Cody and Jessica are the only team that has been revealed for the new The Amazing Race season so far, but CBS has confirmed the rest of the cast will be announced closer to the show's 2018 premiere date.

Cody and Jessica are not the first set of houseguests to cross over into The Amazing Race, as couples Jordan Lloyd and Jeff Schroeder as well as Rachel Reilly and Brendon Villegas each previously competed on the show.

The Amazing Race Season 26 teammates Jackie Ibarra and Jeff Weldon also competed on Big Brother during Season 17.

During a joint interview with The Hollywood Reporter, both Jessica and Cody talked about the big adventure that lies ahead of them.

"I got a phone call on my drive home from casting asking if I wanted to do Amazing Race with Cody and I said absolutely. He responded with, 'Great! I'll have someone at your house in an hour to pick up your passport. You leave in 14 days.' I was floored. I figured it wouldn't be for at least a couple of months," Jessica explained of the moment she was invited to race around the world.

"It all just happened so fast that I had to force myself to stop and take a second to process the information! Cody was still in jury sequester and we didn't even get anytime to really talk about it. We're just diving right into another project and it's extremely exciting!"

Cody added, "Just as long as Jess wants to be on it, I'm cool with it... I already knew before finale. I suppose AFH was a bigger surprise."

Cody believes his showmance was selected to compete on The Amazing Race because their fellow Season 19 Big Brother houseguests were "duds the whole time."

Cody often deferred to Jessica on Big Brother because she played a better social game, but Jessica apparently feels her man, a former U.S. Marine from Iowa who currently resides in Texas, is going to thrive on The Race

"This is something Cody is going to shine in," said the Rhode Island-born VIP concierge who currently resides in Los Angeles. "So this time around, he's the boss. But he shouldn't get use to it."
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"The process with us is pretty simple... I decide on something without thinking... it fails... she tells me I'm an idiot... then we do it her way," Cody admitted.

The lovebirds predict, however, they may be viewed as a threat and make enemies too early on in The Amazing Race, which is exactly what happened to them on Big Brother.

"The last thing I want is a Double U-Turn sending us home," Jessica told The Reporter. "In Big Brother, we weren't ever given a fighting chance after Cody's [Head of Household]. I can't imagine this cast being equally a pack of scared little girls. I'm hoping we're competing against people who appreciate good competitors."

But Cody is looking forward to the fact there will be stronger opponents on The Amazing Race than he faced on Big Brother this past summer.

"A girl with a broken foot won a sprinting competition on BB19," Cody noted of Season 19 houseguest Christmas Abbott, "Yes, there will be better Racers on Amazing Race."

After Big Brother's finale aired on CBS last week, the couple teased what was next for them in terms of their relationship and "forever" goals.

CBS announced it had renewed The Amazing Race for a milestone 30th season back in May 2017.

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