Celebrity Big Brother crowned Ross Mathews the new Head of Household, and then he nominated two people for eviction during Sunday night's broadcast on CBS.

Ross, an entertainment reporter and star of RuPaul's Drag Race, won the HoH competition dubbed "Bowlerina" after Big Time Rush singer James Maslow -- who believed they were close allies -- threw the competition and claimed second place at his ally Shannon Elizabeth's request.

At the subsequent Nomination Ceremony, Ross decided to put actress Keshia Knight Pulliam and former The Apprentice contestant and White House staffer Omarosa Manigault on the chopping block.

Keshia and Omarosa are now in danger of being evicted, but they'll both have a chance to play in the upcoming Power of Veto competition in which they can fight for their safety.

The Big Brother broadcast began on Day 10, with Omarosa realizing there was another alliance in the house she was not a part of. Keshia agreed, saying the only person she had an ounce of trust in after Chuck Liddell's surprise eviction was Omarosa.

Since Chuck had been ousted with a 7-1 vote, Omarosa and the outgoing HoH, Keshia, knew their whole alliance of women, plus Ross, had flipped on them.

Former The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville was excited about the Omarosa blindside, admitting in the Diary Room that she had wanted to give the "boss b-tch" in the house "a little reality check."

Footage then flashed back to show Ross making a Final 4 alliance with James, actress Marissa Jaret Winokur, and Shannon.

Omarosa then asked to speak to Shannon alone about the recent turn of events.

Shannon explained that the alliance turned on Keshia once they discovered she was talking to Chuck on the side behind their backs. The American Pie actress viewed Keshia's side talk with Chuck as an attempt to make a deal, so Shannon viewed that behavior as a betrayal. 

Omarosa told Shannon that she looked like "the horrible b-tchy chick" in the house, adding that she'd regret ever going against the one person who consistently had her back.

In fear Omarosa would try to blow up her game, Shannon told her group of allies that she had made a secret deal with Omarosa at the start of the season. But instead of solidifying trust with her allies, the group just realized how hard Shannon was playing the game. Ross, in fact, called her "brilliant."

Once Shannon left the room, Brandi suggested all alliances should be off -- except for the pact she had established with Ross, Marissa and Miss Universe 2015 Ariadna Gutierrez.

Ross was sitting pretty in several alliances, and he liked that he had options.

Meanwhile, Omarosa and Keshia knew they were the house's next targets, and Omarosa figured she was going to get backdoored.

The only person the two girls thought they had on their side was former NBA player Metta World Peace -- formally known as Ron Artest -- who had accidentally voted Chuck out of the house thanks to his lack of Big Brother knowledge and understanding. (When Metta cast his vote for Chuck, he thought that meant he was voting for Chuck to stay in the house).

Since Keshia couldn't play in the next Head of Household competition, Omarosa acknowledged there was pressure on her to win or else one of them would be going home.

It then became time for the participating houseguests to play in the next HoH competition dubbed "Bowlerina," which is a Big Brother classic.

In "Bowlerina," two players went head to head at a time, with the loser of each faceoff getting eliminated. The winner, however, remained in the competition and had the opportunity to challenge his or her next opponent.

While wearing tutus, the celebrities were required to spin around 12 times and then attempt to knock down four bowling pins before their opponents in under 12 seconds. If pins were left standing after 12 seconds of bowling, the houseguests had to repeat the activities until all pins were knocked down.

Before the competition commenced, Shannon quietly told her allies to keep challenging Omarosa until they could eliminate her. But at one point, Omarosa heard what Shannon was saying and demanded she say it out loud. Omarosa learned in that moment, with certainty, that Shannon was aggressively gunning for her.

Omarosa went first in the competition and opted to face off against Marissa. Marissa, who is used to dancing and spinning on the Broadway stage, won the match-up. Omarosa subsequently left the game because her asthma was acting up, and the houseguests didn't receive an update on her condition until much later.

Battling it out next for HoH was Ross against Metta, and Ross won. Sugar Ray singer Mark McGrath was up next, and he chose to go against Brandi. After Mark won, James and Ari competed against each other, and James was victorious. Shannon then challenged Mark, and Mark won.

Marissa and James then squared off, with James winning the round. James didn't understand why Marissa picked him when they were in a new Final 4 alliance together.

Meanwhile, James was crushing the competition, and Keshia pointed out in the Diary Room that James was proving why it was so important to take him out when they had the chance.

After Ross took out Mark in another bowling round, the competition came down to Ross and James. Shannon hoped Ross would win because she trusted him more.

Shannon then asked James to throw the HoH competition so that Ross could get his hands dirty and take out Omarosa or Keshia. Shannon explained to James that if he threw the competition, he'd be able to play in the HoH competition next time -- and potentially win it.

James liked the idea and also wanted to prove he's a team player, so he allowed Ross to win "Bowlerina."

As the new HoH, Omarosa was still Ross' main target, but he talked to Marissa about how Shannon and James were getting really close and needed to be split up. Marissa agreed with Ross, but they knew making such a big move was all about good timing. Ross also pointed out that Shannon was "playing harder" than James.

Ross confessed he no longer trusted Shannon because she had lied to their alliance at the beginning of the game about working with Omarosa.

Omarosa then returned to the house after going to the hospital for an asthma attack. Everyone was relieved from a personal standpoint, but Keshia was the only player relieved to see her friend from a strategy standpoint.

Ross then decided to share that Ari and Brandi that Shannon and James needed to part ways because they probably had a Final 2 deal with each other. Ross insisted to his allies that they were all playing Shannon's game and "doing her dirty work for her." The girls agreed.

Although Ross recognized that Shannon posed a big threat, he still wanted Omarosa gone first. Ross felt guilty over targeting Omarosa right after she was released from the hospital, but he kept reminding himself that he's playing Big Brother.

At the Nomination Ceremony with Ross in power, Ross announced he had decided to nominate Omarosa and Keshia for eviction. Ross promised his choices were nothing personal, but Omarosa didn't want to hear it and gave Ross a little sass at the meeting.

Keshia was disappointed the all-female alliance fell apart so quickly. Her placement on the block was of no surprise to her.

The episode concluded with Ross saying his nominations were for his game as well as the house overall, but if either woman wins the Power of Veto, there will be an even bigger move to make.
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