Castaways featured Tracee Wnetrzak quitting the show because she couldn't handle the situation any longer and Reshanna Hearvy feeling the need to end her adventure on Day 6 due to illness during Tuesday night's episode on ABC.

In addition to the two unexpected departures -- Tracee, a 41-year-old from Quartz Hill, CA, and Reshanna, a 24-year-old from New York, NY -- Matt Jaskol, a 32-year-old from Las Vegas, NV, was shown finding companionship and two castaways were dealing with injuries in last night's broadcast.

Castaways is designed to test the human need for companionship, according to ABC, as 12 diverse strangers are shipwrecked on a string of deserted islands in the South Pacific without knowledge of when they will be rescued.

Among washed-up luggage, scattered resources, and abandoned structures, the castaways are lost and alone, and they must fend for themselves -- or attempt to find other participants.

Throughout each cast member's journey on the show, documentary-style footage flashes back in order to share with viewers his or her story and the struggles left behind at home.

The only way the castaways can leave the remote islands is by persevering long enough for the rescue team to arrive or by simply quitting the show.

The castaways remaining on the show are Matt; Terry Allen, a 62-year-old from Agoura, CA; Eric Brown, a 31-year-old from Glendale, CA; Sawyer Brown, a 30-year-old from Willseyville, NY; Tim Burke, a 50-year-old from Plant City, FL; Robbie Gibbons, a 42-year-old from Birmingham, AL; Krichelle Kerbow, a 25-year-old from Haiku, HI; Richard Rogers, a 35-year-old from Sequim, WA; and Kenzi Whittington, a 24-year-old from Nashville, TN.

The Castaways episode began on Day 6 at 11:15AM with Eric, Krichelle and Tim surviving and helping each other.

Krichelle and Tim had established a camp of their own and discussed how they had eaten seaweed and clam soup the night prior, and then Eric asked if he could join them in a more permanent way.

It wasn't hunger that was bothering Eric; it was loneliness. He had named all of his items back at his camp, but they obviously couldn't speak back to him.

Tim told Eric that he was welcome to join them.

Meanwhile, Richard and Sawyer felt time had slowed down, and they hoped rescue would come with each passing day.

Matt was also struggling with his lack of food and resources. Matt only had sardines and tomato soup that he had found. The food would keep him alive for a couple of days, but that's all he had.
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As for Kenzi and Robbie, they were trying to be smart with their stuff and felt the need to explore more of the island to find food.

Reshanna and Terry were getting along well at this point, but Reshanna wanted to find more people on the island.

"At first I thought, 'I wanted to be alone,' but now I recognize in any given situation, there's a gift in it, and the gift in this is that I have this beautiful woman with me," Terry explained to cameras.

"I feel bonded with Reshanna. We are creating this world together; I am not doing it alone. We are a little different in our outlook as far as survival goes. She has experienced I think a different sense of survival that I know nothing about."

Footage then flashed back to show Reshanna living in a shelter. Reshanna said she had "lost everything" and she just wanted her family "to get back together."

Reshanna then stumbled upon a suitcase that had apple sauce, a poncho, and teriyaki-flavored beef jerky inside. The bag belonged to Tracee from California, and Reshanna was thrilled to have found it.

Meanwhile, Richard and Sawyer planned to swim to a different island to obtain coconuts. They both had the same drive to never give up, and they were "cut from the same cloth." Richard and Sawyer felt extremely lucky to have each other as partners in this adventure.

Footage then flashed back to show Richard driving with an older man and sharing that he was very happy with his wife, who makes an amazing teammate and life partner.

Eric decided to return to his camp because the tide was coming in. Tim offered to help him move his stuff to their shelter, and Eric said he'd maybe take him up on that, but Eric didn't really intend to join the pair.

Although Tim and Krichelle had food, companionship and more, Eric didn't really feel comfortable taking advantage of what they were offering.

"The stubborn side of me didn't want to be intrusive. I was starving for a human connection -- and still am. I guess I'll try to see what else is out there," Eric said.

On Day 6 at 12:07PM, Terry and Reshanna sat down to read Tracee's journal.

Tracee wrote down that she wondered whether God's plan for her was to be constantly challenged. She appears to be a caretaker to family members at home while holding down a serving job.

Reshanna then found a video message from Tracee in the bag. Tracee was hurting and crying all alone, and she vented about how she couldn't take much more on her island.

"All I keep thinking is I can't even make it through the day, literally," Tracee said in the video. "This is a lot harder than I thought it was going to be... I want to be stronger than I am. I don't want to feel like I let my family down and myself down."

Tracee revealed in the video she had quit the experience, and she wished whoever was watching the message good luck. It made Terry sad to think Tracee had struggled so much to survive and thrive.

Meanwhile, Matt disclosed he's been involved with motor sports since the age of five and hoped to become a professional racecar driver by this point in his life. Matt dedicated his entire life to one discipline, but he didn't make it, and such a failure in his career bothers him every single day.

"The only thing that scares me is failing. That's always been my biggest fear," noted Matt, who had been living on an abandoned structure in the middle of the water.

As Kenzi and Robbie were walking through the water, Robbie came across a shark, and the pair agreed they had to hurry to make it to their next destination. Once at the beach, they realized someone had been living there.

After Reshanna and Terry were shown saying they refused to swim to a nearby island, Krichelle vented about her cut from the coral.

Growing up in Maui, Krichelle had cut herself on coral before -- and one time, it became infected within an hour. Krichelle admitted this environment was "very, very dangerous."

Richard and Sawyer were then shown attempting to get coconuts out of a tree, and they were successful.

Footage then flashed back to Richard getting married and his wife telling him that he's a "good, good man" and great partner in life. This type of teamwork applied to his dynamic with Sawyer.

"At this point, what benefit do you get from finding other people? More mouths to feed, more resources to split. If I have my way, it will just be Sawyer and I until the end," Richard confessed.

On Day 6 at 2:12PM, Tim was amazed at Krichelle's survival skills. She did an incredible job of finding food for them, and Tim found himself really relying on the girl.

Tim actually acknowledged he would have hand-picked Krichelle as his teammate if he had an entire group to choose from.

Tim, Krichelle, Reshanna and Terry were individually happy to have found their "person" on this journey. But Terry wondered where Matthew was, as she had learned he's a man who loves hard and wants to be loved in return. Terry discovered Matt had a lot of will power.

With that being said, Matt swam and made the trek around rocks and cliffs to find a companion. He refused to fail because of what he had already experienced in life. After letting people down who put time, effort and energy into his racing career, he couldn't deal with failing again.

Meanwhile, Reshanna was feeling extremely dizzy. She didn't know if she got too much sun or was dehydrated.

Terry let Reshanna rest her head on her lap, and at 5:57PM that day, Reshanna apologized for feeling sick. Footage then flashed back to Reshanna revealing at a poetry reading her family had been evicted from their house and they lost most of their belongings.

Reshanna decided she had to go home, and she hoped Terry would find another friend.

Kenzi and Robbie were then shown going fishing together, and Robbie unfortunately cut his leg on coral.

Although Kenzi initially envisioned herself taking on this journey independently, she admitted, "It would be 50,000 times harder if I didn't have somebody... We are in this together. He is an absolute blessing. People need people to survive."

Viewers then learned Richard became a stepdad to a young girl and boy when he got married. Richard took on a lot of responsibility at home as a result, and his life completely changed.

The episode ended with Matt walking by Richard at his camp at 6:32PM on Day 6.

Matt finally found another person after a two-and-a-half hour hike. Matt was then introduced to Sawyer as well, but the guys learned he had no food or resources. It quickly became apparent Richard and Sawyer worried about having to take care of and feed another person.

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