Castaways featured Tim Burke finding Kenzi Whittington and Robbie Gibbons as well as Krichelle Kerbow dealing with a potentially life-threatening injury on her island during Tuesday night's episode on ABC.

Castaways is designed to test the human need for companionship, according to ABC, as 12 diverse strangers are shipwrecked on a string of deserted islands in the South Pacific without knowledge of when they will be rescued.

Among washed-up luggage, scattered resources, and abandoned structures, the castaways are lost and alone, and they must fend for themselves -- or attempt to find other participants.

Throughout each cast member's journey on the show, documentary-style footage flashes back in order to share with viewers his or her story and the struggles left behind at home.

The only way the castaways can leave the remote islands is by persevering long enough for the rescue team to arrive or by simply quitting the show.

The castaways remaining on the show are Matt Jaskol, a 32-year-old from Las Vegas, NV; Terry Allen, a 62-year-old from Agoura, CA; Eric Brown, a 31-year-old from Glendale, CA; Sawyer Brown, a 30-year-old from Willseyville, NY; Tim, a 50-year-old from Plant City, FL; Robbie, a 42-year-old from Birmingham, AL; Krichelle, a 25-year-old from Haiku, HI; Richard Rogers, a 35-year-old from Sequim, WA; and Kenzi, a 24-year-old from Nashville, TN.

The Castaways broadcast began on Day 7 at 8:02AM, with the castaways complaining there was no other life on the islands. Everyone was hungry and trying to adapt, but the conditions weren't easy.

Krichelle and Tim discussed Eric's "secret marriage," which came about because the bride's parents didn't approve of their relationship. Tim wondered if it was a biracial romance and whether that was the problem for Elise's parents.

Footage then flashed back to Elise admitting she wanted to introduce Eric as her boyfriend, not her husband. She wasn't ready to shock the world with their news.

Meanwhile, Matt, Richard and Sawyer were "killing it" together out there. Matt felt bad to crash their party, but he was so happy to have found them.

Kenzi and Robbie were also a great time; however, she began feeling guilty about eating so much in the case they run out of food or come across another person whom they might need to feed.

As for Terry, she was surviving off the food in Matt's backpack.

"It's about a mile to another island where we suspect there is activity and other people. My goal is to get over there, find people or assets, and then get back," Tim said.
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"I didn't want to leave Krichelle by herself knowing she has a knee with an infection brewing, but I knew I was going back the next day."

Tim added, "The amount of calories it's going to burn is going to crush me, but it's crush myself swimming across the channel or crush myself for days and days and days starving over here. I'm on a mission to find others, but I'm very wary. People need people, but it has to be the right people."

The theme of rescue kept recurring in Tim's life. A Green Beret in the U.S. Army, Tim works undercover to save young girls from drug and sex trafficking abroad. Last year, he had rescued 32 women.

This was the hardest thing Robbie had ever done, but Kenzi revealed to her pal the music industry is extremely difficult. Kenzi and her band often work for tips at bars, and people don't tend to be super generous.

Matt, Richard and Sawyer were then featured going fishing. Sawyer caught multiple fish, but Matt was coming up empty-handed.

Richard therefore wondered if it would be appropriate to ask Matt to leave their camp. Richard and Sawyer didn't think Matt was contributing to their well-being, but they didn't have the guts to kick their new friend to the curb.

As for Tim, he made the trip to a nearby island and stumbled across Kenzi and Robbie. He explained to the pair that he had promised to return to Krichelle, who was nursing a potentially life-threatening injury.

"I have coral growing inside of my leg right now. It's really hard and hot and swollen and really painful. Being out in the jungle with a cut is very dangerous," Krichelle told the cameras.

"If you don't keep it dry and clean, it's very hard to make sure infection doesn't come along, but then I have to go out into the water to get food."

"I came here to prove something to myself, and I don't want a coral cut to define if I stay here or not. But if the staff takes hold, I'm not going to continue with that in my body because it can kill you really quickly," she concluded.

On Day 7 at 1:13PM, Terry read Reshanna Hearvy's journal and began missing her friend, who had to be rescued one day earlier due to illness. Terry had initially asked to be alone, but now, independence seemed to be the last thing she wanted.

Meanwhile, Krichelle recognized the possibility Tim may not return to their camp. She struggled to do twice the work -- collecting food and making fire -- considering she was in pain.

"Just having a partner makes things so much easier. I'll have many dark nights to face alone if Tim doesn't come back. Every single day, I'm realizing how much I really do need human connection," Krichelle said, adding that this journey was "one thousand times harder" than she had expected it to be.

Viewers then watched hidden-camera footage of Tim's sting operation to save three girls from a sex ring in the Dominican Republic.

At 3:17PM, Kenzi and Robbie were shown gushing about how brave Tim is, and Robbie found inspiration in Tim to get into better shape.

As for Terry, she was hoping to use a raft to find other people but the waves broke her bamboo raft apart. She didn't really want to go anywhere, but at the same time, she was feeling afraid and trapped in one spot.

While Krichelle was suffering in pain, she missed the physical embrace from her loved ones at home -- even though her brothers drove her crazy. She was finding it hard to continue.

The episode concluded with Richard and Sawyer contemplating whether they should prevent Matt from using up their resources, while Tim was "blown away" by Robbie and Kenzi's kindness to share their food.

Tim felt guilty eating his friends' food because he had not been a good companion or teammate to Eric. If he could go back and do things differently, he said he would have.

With that being said, he began the trek back to Krichelle and attempted to find Eric along the way.

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