Castaways featured Krichelle Kerbow getting medically evacuated due to her coral injury, and Eric Brown and Tim Burke quitting the show during Tuesday night's episode on ABC.

Castaways is designed to test the human need for companionship, according to ABC, as 12 diverse strangers are shipwrecked on a string of deserted islands in the South Pacific without knowledge of when they will be rescued.

Among washed-up luggage, scattered resources, and abandoned structures, the castaways are lost and alone, and they must fend for themselves -- or attempt to find other participants.

Throughout each cast member's journey on the show, documentary-style footage flashes back in order to share with viewers his or her story and the struggles left behind at home.

The only way the castaways can leave the remote islands is by persevering long enough for the rescue team to arrive or by simply quitting the show.

At the beginning of the broadcast, the castaways remaining were Krichelle, a 25-year-old from Haiku, HI; Eric, a 31-year-old from Glendale, CA; Tim, a 50-year-old from Plant City, FL; Matt Jaskol, a 32-year-old from Las Vegas, NV; Terry Allen, a 62-year-old from Agoura, CA; Sawyer Brown, a 30-year-old from Willseyville, NY; Robbie Gibbons, a 42-year-old from Birmingham, AL; Richard Rogers, a 35-year-old from Sequim, WA; and Kenzi Whittington, a 24-year-old from Nashville, TN.

The Castaways broadcast began on Day 8 at 2:14PM with Tim admitting he was feeling weaker and weaker physically, mentally and emotionally.

Tim was desperately searching for his "transcendent reason" to stay on the island. He was then shown returning back to Krichelle's camp, where she was preparing a meal.

Krichelle couldn't bend her leg and said she was in "excruciating amounts of pain." Her infection was getting worse and very serious, and she was scared. She was so far removed from any hospital that could offer her any relief or a cure.

Tim told Krichelle that he'd hate to see her go but no one would judge her for having to leave. Krichelle, however, was strong mentally and wanted to prove to herself she could conquer this adventure.

Tim then prayed because he was so grateful for companionship and food, but he still felt guilty about letting Eric go off and be by himself.

Meanwhile, Robbie and Kenzi discussed how Eric seemed to want to be alone. Kenzi questioned if she had found Eric's journal, and Robbie firmly believed that was the case.

Krichelle tried to make it through the night and last until morning, but it quickly became apparent her injury from the coral needed immediate attention. She also cried out in pain, and her wound was becoming very swollen.
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"It was really disappointing having an infection that made me need medical care because I could have gone on so much longer, but I made a pact with myself that if my body or mind became compromised, I'm out," Krichelle said.

And with that, Krichelle quit the show and got rescued.

On Day 9 at 6:02AM, Tim vented about how he was used to having a solid and stable state of mind when in battle, but this adventure was wearing on him. Tim felt totally helpless, especially since he couldn't save his friend Krichelle.

"I can't imagine having done this without Krichelle as a survival buddy. To actually realize that I needed people was revealing to me," Tim told the cameras. "Out here, I've met some incredible people. I'd rather go over there with them and starve together than to sit over here and eat by myself."

Kenzi was then shown complaining about how hungry she was. And Matt, Richard and Sawyer were also running low on resources. Matt noted his caloric intake throughout this experience had been much lower than Richard and Sawyer's intake.

"I am honestly just sick of being here. I am ready to be rescued. I am starving to death and I sleep on boards and I'm looking for food, but it's so much more than just surviving out here. Take away your comfort and your friends and your family. Take away everything you've really ever known," Kenzi explained, adding that she really missed her father at home and his support.

While Kenzi was out exploring at 3:25PM, Robbie called her back to camp because he had spotted a person swimming in the ocean nearby.

The man was Tim, who shared that Krichelle's coral infection resulted in her medical evacuation. Tim brought them a blanket, some noodles and female clothing from both Krichelle and Terry.

Terry was connecting to the wind, water and birds given she was all alone.

Kenzi, Tim and Robbie then read Eric's journal. Eric had revealed his canoe broke loose and he was learning more about himself every day. He wanted to be a better man and a better husband to his wife by being supportive and understanding.

Footage then flashed back to Elise revealing to her parents she had wed Eric behind their backs. The conversation seemed to go well, as it ended with Elise and Eric smiling and hugging.

"This has really opened my eyes to my flaws and the good qualities that I have too. I'm sad to go, but I'm ready to go home," Eric had written in his journal.

Skipping all the way to Day 14 at 10:27AM, Terry was shown making fire, and Kenzi was "feeling like sh-t." Robbie didn't feel well either, and he said this experience was very hard.

The trio provided each other with laughs and stories, and they tried to help each other keep going. Robbie felt he was "a team player," and he was acting as such. But Robbie also said it was nice to have other people to rely on.

On Day 18, Kenzi admitted, "I love y'all."

At this point, Matt was really struggling and asked Sawyer and Richard to give him some food, but they were hesitant to share. After all, the two guys weren't happy to begin with that they had to share their findings with a third person.

On Day 19 at 2:57PM, Tim lost his cool when fishing, and he began to acknowledge some of his inner demons. Tim's deployment schedule was brutal and he often had to be selfish, which negatively affected his family life.

"It's a testament to my wife's courage that made it through... I always wanted to be that hero, and in my pursuit of what is going to make Tim happy, I left [my wife and child] neglected. I left unapologetically. I have a lot of apologies to make," Tim confessed.

The episode concluded on Day 20 at 12:21PM, with Tim explaining to Robbie and Kenzi that he was ready to go because it was more important for him to be home. Tim was unable to find a "transcendent reason" to stay any longer.

With that being said, Robbie called Tim his hero, but Tim felt he was failing in his relationship with his daughter. Tim realized on the island his purpose in life is to be a good husband and father and to not grow apart any further from his child.

Before he left, Tim told Robbie that he's "a leader," both on the island and to the children he coaches in sports at home. Robbie was touched by Tim's reminder that he's a role model.

"I came 10,000 miles to a deserted island for a physical challenge that turned into an emotional event that dug up a truth that I don't think I would have otherwise found," Tim said.

"I realize the only thing that I'm involved with that's bigger than me and more important than me and my life is my family. If that's all that came from this trip -- the perspective that my family is everything -- then this was my true rescue."
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