Bachelor in Paradise featured Leo Dottavio quitting the show, Cassandra Ferguson and Olivia Goethals joining the cast, and Connor Obrochta, David Ravitz and Benoit Beausejour-Savard being denied roses during Tuesday night's Season 5 broadcast on ABC.

Leo from Becca's season of The Bachelorette decided to leave Paradise once he determined his love interest, Kendall Long, was going to choose Joe Amabile in their love triangle.


Connor and David from Becca's season and Benoit from The Bachelor Winter Games were later eliminated at a Rose Ceremony in which the women handed out roses. All three men fought to win Chelsea Roy's heart since she was the only bachelorette not wrapped up in a serious relationship, but she chose to give her rose to John Graham instead.

The Bachelor in Paradise broadcast began with Leo and Kendall continuing their argument over his previous kiss with Chelsea Roy that he had not been open and honest about.

Joe said everyone was tired and fed up with Leo and his attitude in Paradise.

Joe said Kendall was worth fighting for, and so he pulled her out of the toxic conversation since it was clear she was upset and felt betrayed.

Kendall told Joe that Leo was contradicting himself and his behavior was hurtful, but Joe told her that she was "freaking out" over nothing because he was just being "a jerk" and very "mean."

Meanwhile, Jenna Cooper had informed Benoit that she was going to pick Jordan at the next Rose Ceremony, and he was extremely disappointed and confused. Jenna and Benoit then argued about how the decision wasn't what he wanted and it didn't benefit him at all.


In light of the fact Jenna was claiming she was doing what's best for Benoit, he made it known her decision was selfish, and she started to cry because she didn't want to make anyone feel bad.

Benoit told Jenna it wasn't her place to tell him what's good for him.

Jordan then came to Jenna's rescue, comforting her. After hearing Benoit "yelled" at Jenna and seeing her cry, Jordan approached Benoit, but he denied ever yelling at the bachelorette -- and bartender Wells Adams had his back. Jordan therefore let things go, but he wasn't happy with the way Benoit had treated his girl.

As Annaliese Puccini and Kamil Nicalek were hitting it off and kissing on the beach following their first date together, Benoit shifted his energy to Chelsea, whom he saw potential with. He also thought she was "drop-dead gorgeous."

Being with her made him forget about Jenna. He and Chelsea then kissed, and Benoit definitely felt chemistry. In fact, he thought he could fall in love with Chelsea. 

Afterward, Eric Bigger received a Date Card, and without hesitation, he asked Angela Amezcua to join him. Eric and Angela have been paired up for most of the season so far.

Angela was so excited to leave the resort and explore. Although her romance with Eric started slow, she believed they were building layers every day and thought Eric was smart, funny, sweet and genuine.


Angela gushed about how Eric made her feel special and wanted, not to mention he treated her like a princess.

Meanwhile, Kevin Wendt went out of his way to plan a little date for Astrid on the beach and they opened up to each other about their feelings like never before.

Kevin was smitten with and completely invested in Astrid, and she in turn felt like she was on vacation with her boyfriend. Astrid didn't think anything could go wrong.

For Angela and Eric's date, the couple walked into a magnificent hotel suite. Rose petals lined their walk to their room, and they discovered a champagne-glass tower in the room as well as a private pool, jewelry for Angela, a golden toilet and more.

Eric and Angela enjoyed a night in the lap of luxury, and they were later surprised with a giant sundae being delivered to them, followed by a wide variety of speciality cheeses.

Eric found Angela so attractive and sweet, and he told her things were effortless between them. Angela appreciated how honest they could be with each other, and she saw serious potential in their relationship and admitted to cameras she was falling in love.


Eric and Angela agreed they were "all in" with each other and there was no one else they could want in Paradise.

"Angela is The One, and I feel like we can build something great out of this," Eric said in a confessional.

"I am so happy Eric is serious about me. He doesn't want to explore other options... this is working for me. I am falling for Eric and it excites me," Angela said.

Back on the beach, Chris Randone told the cameras Krystal Nielson was the only girl he was interested in and he was totally focused on her and their romance.

After a rough couple of days -- which included Krystal going on a date with his pal Connor -- Chris planned a little yoga date with Krystal on the beach. He asked her to teach him some of her moves.

Chris loved how caring Krystal was and he felt like she had his back, which made him feel safe and comfortable around her. Krystal ended up having a lot of fun showing Chris how to do yoga, and she really appreciated the effort he had put into this little activity.

Chris hoped the gesture solidified himself Krystal's rose, and it did appear to work because the couple ended the night with a passionate kiss.


Meanwhile, Joe was finally feeling confident and secure in his relationship with Kendall, but she suddenly began to get to know John better. John had apparently been interested in Kendall from the start.

Kendall thought John was very easy to talk to, and he in turn was very attracted to the blonde beauty and believed they shared a romantic connection.

With that being said, the pair locked lips, and fans were probably shocked to watch this unfold given she had already been juggling Joe and Leo.

Eric told Joe in private that Kendall was afraid of him because they were so different, and Joe agreed they were "polar opposites."

After kissing John, however, Kendall broke down into tears because she felt guilty and seemingly regretful. Kendall realized she really liked Joe and didn't want to lose him. She anticipated Joe would hate her a little bit after this.

Kendall then sat down with Joe and told him about the kiss, explaining that she had some curiosity in John for awhile. 

"Immediately after he kissed me, I thought, 'I want to talk to Joe,'" Kendall admitted.


Kendall then shared with the grocer that she was trying to distract herself with curiosity because she was "falling for" Joe and it really scared her. Kendall didn't know how to handle her emotions.

Joe appeared to immediately forgive Kendall and ultimately said in reply, "I'm falling for you too."

Joe was scared as well. He couldn't predict whether their romance was going to work out, but they both knew they wanted to try to see things through.

"Hopefully guys stop kissing my girlfriend," Joe joked in a confessional. "That would be nice."

As for Leo, he assumed he wasn't getting a rose that night, and he was right. He and Kendall realized they simply weren't right for each other, and he insisted to the cameras Kendall was going to "shatter [Joe's] heart into a million pieces" because she couldn't even stop kissing other guys.

At the cocktail party that night, the women had the power. There were eight women and 12 men in the picture, so four men would be sent packing.

At this point in the journey, many bachelors and bachelorettes were coupled up: Astrid and Kevin, Colton Underwood and Tia Booth, Annaliese and Kamil, Joe and Kendall, Krystal and Chris, Jordan and Jenna, and Eric and Angela.


 As a result, John, David, Benoit, Leo and David were on the chopping block, and Chelsea was the only available women with a rose up for grabs.

In a random outburst, Leo announced to the whole group at the cocktail party Kendall was "full of sh-t" and so were many of the people in Paradise. Leo's words shocked and angered his castmates, who felt his behavior was totally uncalled for.

"Good luck with grocery store b-tch," Leo said as he walked away from the group and decided to quit the show instead of waiting to be denied a rose.

Joe then yelled, "Say it to my face," and within moments, Leo repeated his slam. Leo then threw a drink on Joe and the pair physically attacked each other until castmates rushed in to break them up.

Kevin said Leo was not a real man because of how he insulted the women.

"Get out of here, Tarzan, we don't need your drama. We already have plenty," Tia said in a confessional.

Astrid also told the cameras Leo should "go back to the jungle."

Kendall loved how Joe defended her and made her feel safe. She felt lucky to be with him, and the Leo incident tested their relationship and only made it stronger.

Afterward, Colton surprised Tia with a cute hotdog date in honor of her hometown of Weiner, AR, and Jordan admitted he was falling in love with Jenna and there was nothing he didn't like about her.

Jordan and Jenna agreed to not accept any more dates from other women or men in Paradise.

"I'm a golden retriever and Jenna is the Frisbee," Jordan gushed.

Meanwhile, Chelsea was open to being surprised by one of the men left. David thought he had connected with Chelsea, but she clearly had a wandering eye. 

David acknowledged his ship with Chelsea had sailed, but he still asked her to give him a rose considering they were friends because he really wanted to continue his pursuit of love in Paradise.

Chelsea seemed to have the most potential, however, with John. John had been wanting to get to know Chelsea better. She also likes men who are half Asian.

Tia was then shown telling Colton that Connor was "a douchebag." She made fun of the fact he asked for a tequila soda in a champagne flute, but Connor still managed to steal a kiss from Chelsea.

Benoit was also "super interested" in Chelsea, and he told the bachelorette he didn't just want her rose -- that he wanted to be with her and pursue a relationship with her. Benoit then received a kiss as well.

Chelsea was like the Bachelorette for a night, but she didn't know why it was so hard for her to find love.

At the Rose Ceremony, Krystal gave her rose to Chris, and Krystal said she was falling in love with him and had never felt this way before.

Kendall gave her rose to Joe, and she said she couldn't imagine being in Paradise with anyone else. Kendall was falling in love with Joe.

Tia offered her rose to Colton, and she thanked him for making her feel so special.

Jenna gave her rose to Jordan.

"I think I'm on the verge of letting myself feel even safe enough to fall in love," Jenna told the cameras.

Astrid then gave her rose to Kevin, Annaliese gave her rose to Kamil, Angela gave her rose to Eric, and finally Chelsea surprised everyone by offering her rose to John.

Chelsea thanked John for being open and honest with her as well as making her laugh.

Benoit, David and Connor were therefore eliminated.

"Being rejected twice in four f-cking days. Getting dumped after getting dumped, there's probaby something wrong with me I guess," Benoit cried in his final words.

The next day, Olivia from Arie Luyendyk Jr.'s season of The Bachelor arrived. She had been eliminated on Night 1, so her fellow cast members didn't really remember her -- but they thought she was beautiful.

 Olivia could tell most of the guys were coupled up, already but she liked how John seemed really smart, and so she asked him out on her date.

For their date, John and Olivia crashed a Quinceanera party, which is when a 15-year-old officially becomes a woman in her culture and her age is celebrated. The couple had a great time dancing and partying, and John was really looking forward to getting to know her better.

John had his fingers crossed "the third time [would] be the charm."

Olivia said anyone would be really lucky to have John, and she hoped to be the girl he ended up with.

The following morning, Tia gushed about how Colton was her guy and she could definitely envision them settling down and starting a family soon. They worked out every morning together before the other cast members woke up and simply enjoyed each other's company.

Just as Angela was shown confessing she was smitten with Eric in a confessional, Cassandra from Juan Pablo Galavis' season of The Bachelor showed up at the resort.

Joe called Cassandra "hot" and noted she has big boobs. Eric said "wow" at the sight of her, and Jordan agreed she was very attractive.

Cassandra found Eric tall, dark, handsome and sweet, so she asked him on a date, and he said yes.

Eric told Angela he woke up that morning feeling different about things. He said there was a gray area for him when it came to their relationship and he needed to test what they had and face some adversity in order to be certain she was The One for him.

Eric felt the need to test the waters, and he hoped Angela would understand. But Angela was shocked and completely taken aback because they had established they were together and "all in."

Angela was certain neither of them would accept a date from another person, but Eric seemed to change his mind overnight. Angela couldn't believe it.

"I never expected this from him," Angela cried. "I'm shocked... He went back on his word. I would never say something to somebody that I don't mean... These are pissed off tears. I'm upset because I feel like he just lied to my face last night."

The ladies were shaken over Eric's betrayal because they didn't want their own connections to fall apart in the same manner.

Angela was really hurt because she Eric was the first guy in a long time who made her feel special.

"Paradise is like a domino effect. One couple goes down and everyone else is going down," Astrid said in fear.

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