Deemed to be a beautiful girl that had all of the potential in the world but had repeatedly failed to show it in her photos, Brooke Staricha, a 22-year-old student from Corpus Christi, TX, became the seventh girl eliminated from the sixth edition of America's Next Top Model during last night's broadcast of the UPN reality show.

Top Model 6's eighth episode began with the seven remaining girls returning back the house after Leslie Mancia was sent home during last episode's elimination ceremony. After her great photo in last episode's shoot had resulted in her name being the first one called by Top Model star Tyra Banks, Joanie Dodds was excited. Meanwhile, Nnenna Agba's problems with her boyfriend, who was still upset about the fifth episode incident in which she had kissed a male model that she'd been posing with, continued.

The next day, the girls traveled to the Strausberg Advertising Agency, where each girl had an interview with a person that they were told was an agent who had "launched many a top model's career." Once all of the girls became insulted by the callous and offensive feedback made by the "agent," it was revealed that the woman was actually an actress and her cruel comments were intended to help them deal with difficult criticism they would face within the modeling industry.

After looking through all the Polaroid photos that each girl had taken at the end of the hostile interview session, Jade Cole was deemed to have done the best job of struggling off the criticism and still taking a great photo. As her reward for winning the secret challenge, Jade was allowed to pick another girl to share her secret prize. Jade picked Nnenna, and when they arrived back at the house they found two gift wrapped special guests waiting for them: Jade's mom and Nnenna's boyfriend. While Jade enjoyed reconnecting with her mother, the same couldn't be said about Nnenna, who admitted wishing one of her sisters had visited instead.

Later, the girls then met with Jay Manuel for a photo shoot for Pantene Pro-V hair products, where each showed off their lovely locks dressed as life-sized dolls. Brooke, who was transformed into a glamorous doll, had difficulty with her movement and expressions, causing her poses to appear awkward. "I need you to work on being comfortable in your skin," Jay remarked to Brooke after her shoot.

The next day, the girls got the opportunity to meet with Top Model 3 winner Eva Pigford and Janice Dickinson, the former Top Model judge who despite leaving the show after its fourth edition, keeps coming back like a bad penny. After Eva talked about the importance of exuding confidence, Janice stop by and discussed how the girls should beware of the ugly and dark side of modeling.

Later, to further educate the girls about the challenges of the modeling industry, Tyra directed each in a simple photo shoot in which they had to still look amazing while appearing sad and crying. Just like she had earlier, Brooke continued to have difficulty capturing the correct expression, causing Tyra to become frustrated when her poses came across as too sexy and tense.

During the elimination ceremony, the judging panel reviewed the girls' photographs from both of the week's shoots. While it was Jade that had found herself in the bottom two for the second straight time, the judges decided after having repeatedly failed to show her potential, Brooke would be he girl going home. "The judges look at you and every week you are the most beautiful girl to them, but we still haven't seen that in your pictures," Tyra said to Brooke before eliminating her from the competition.