Two Scottish parents are protesting their treatment by "Supernanny," accusing the television series of making them look bad with their children's curses.

The uber-nanny Jo Frost was called in to help Steven Docherty and Kerry Hillhouse calm down their Ayr household, where their three children were running amok, but The Daily Record reports the parents were unhappy with the final cut.

The show features tape of the three boys kicking, punching, spitting and using foul language directed at their parents. The parents are depicted as well, threatening their children and hurling curses at the rowdy boys, the newspaper said.

After receiving a backlash from the community that now believes their household is dysfunctional, Hillhouse told the Record: "I regret ever doing the program. We turned to 'Supernanny' because we genuinely needed some help."

They also thought the show was edited to make them look bad.

However, the parents acknowledge that after "Supernanny's" involvement, they are in much better shape, the report said.

Different versions of "Supernanny" appear on British and U.S. TV.