ABC has announced that Super-Manny, a "back-door pilot" for a male-fronted spinoff of the network's Supernanny reality show, will air on Friday, November 14 at 9PM ET/PT.

Super-Manny will feature Chicago-based child therapist Mike Ruggles as he attempts to fill the child-rearing expert role that British nanny Jo Frost currently fills on Supernanny.

Super-Manny's format will be similar to Supernanny's, however Ruggles' approach to dealing with unruly children differs a bit from Frost's, according to ABC.  While they both believe in structure, boundaries, consequences, consistency, time-outs and positive reinforcement, Ruggles doesn't use an observation period.  Instead, he kicks the parents out of the house and use role-playing techniques to determine some of the root causes of the family's problems (the parents are still allowed to watch from a monitor).

Super-Manny's pilot will feature Ruggles attempting to help the Marko family of Temecula, California, where parents Doug and Tracy have their hands full with three young daughters -- 7-year-old Gwen, 4-year-old Alexa and 8-moth-old Jacinda.

ABC began developing Super-Manny last year and had ordered the pilot in August with the intention of airing it as a special in one of Supernanny's Friday night timeslots this fall.  Once the pilot airs, the network will decide whether to give Super-Manny a regular series pickup.

"It feels different to have a guy come in to work with your kids," executive producer Nick Emmerson told The Hollywood Reporter in August. "A woman has a woman's touch, and people are more accepting and ready for her advice. We had to find the right person who has real authority and a gentle touch as well."

Super-Manny is being produced by Ricochet Ltd -- the same production company behind Supernanny -- and executive produced by Emmerson, Nick Powell, Eddie October, and Jen O Connell.