Mike Ruggles is apparently planning to prove that women aren't the only ones who can tame unruly kids.

ABC has ordered a pilot for Supermanny, a Supernanny spinoff that will follow the Chicago-based child therapist as he attempts to fill the child-rearing expert role that British nanny Jo Frost currently fills on Supernanny, The Hollywood Reporter reported Wednesday.

"With a guy, he can connect with dads in a different kind of way," executive producer Nick Emmerson told The Reporter. "It's really powerful stuff."

ABC plans to air Supermanny as a "back-door pilot" special this fall in one of Supernanny's Fridays at 9PM ET/PT timeslots, according to The ReporterSupernanny's fifth season will premiere on October 3.

While Supermanny's format will be similar to Supernanny, Ruggles approach to dealing with unruly children apparently differs from that of Frost as he encourages parents to learn to play with their kids and get to know them on a more personal level.

"It feels different to have a guy come in to work with your kids," Emmerson told The Reporter. "A woman has a woman's touch, and people are more accepting and ready for her advice. We had to find the right person who has real authority and a gentle touch as well."

ABC began developing Supermanny last year and it is produced by Ricochet Television, the same production company behind Supernanny.