Six weeks after their September wedding, former The Biggest Loser contestants Matt Hoover and Suzy Preston are expecting their first child, Us Weekly reported Monday.

The couple, who met during last year's The Biggest Loser 2 and began dating shortly after leaving The Biggest Loser ranch, were married in a small beachside ceremony conducted in Jamaica on September 19. Only immediate family members attended the intimate ceremony.

Although the couple got engaged when Matt proposed to Suzy on live TV back in March, Suzy had previously stated that unlike former Survivor and The Amazing Race couple Rob Mariano and Amber Brkich, she didn't plan on having TV cameras at her wedding ceremony. "My dream wedding would be small and private," she told People after Matt's proposal. "I don't want a mic under my wedding gown."

Matt, a 30-year-old former NCAA wrestling champion who began The Biggest Loser 2 weighing 339 pounds, lost 109 pounds during the show's production. He lost another 48 pounds after returning home, giving him a total weight loss of 157 pounds and a finale weigh-in weight of 182 pounds -- a 46.31% weight loss percentage that made him the second season's $250,000 grand prize winner.

Suzy, another of The Biggest Loser 2's three finalists, began the competition weighing 227 pounds and lost 66 pounds during filming. She lost another 29 pounds after returning home, giving her a total weight loss of 95 pounds and a finale weigh-in of 132 pounds -- a 41.85% weight loss percentage that placed her just behind The Biggest Loser 2 runner-up Seth Word.

Matt has worked as a full-time motivational speaker since last November's The Biggest Loser 2 finale while Suzy, a 30-year-old hairdresser, has continued to style hair in Seattle.