Despite her success as a The Biggest Loser second-season finalist when she shed 95-pounds, Suzy Preston still apparently decided to undergo a "total body lift," a procedure where extra skin is removed surgically.

"Last July, I had a total body lift, and had eight pounds of skin removed," said Preston in a recent interview with "After the surgery, my body was so tight and pulled together!"

However a problem quickly arose for Preston, who learned four months after the surgery that she and her husband -- The Biggest Loser 2 champ Matt Hoover -- were expecting their first child together.

"When my skin stretched out, it hurt," she told "I got a hernia from the pregnancy because my skin was so tight. It was really painful when it stretched out again."

Hoover and Preston welcomed Rex Timothy Hoover into the world on June 23.  While the 31-year-old said the surgery was worth it -- and she'd "do it again in a heartbeat," according to -- Preston warned other women planning to undergo a body lift to reconsider if they also plan on getting pregnant.

"When I get all this baby weight off, who's to say I won't have loose skin again?" she told "I would wait to go under the knife until you're done having kids."

There were over 10,000 body lifts performed in U.S. last year, according to, which added the eight-hour procedure usually costs between $25,000 and $40,000, with patients also risking infections and blood clots as a result of the surgery.