Big Brother houseguest Jason Dent won the Power of Veto and then decided to keep nominations the same during Wednesday night's broadcast on CBS.

After Jason won the Power of Veto competition, he opted to keep Dominique Cooper and Jessica Graf on the chopping block rather than name a replacement nominee.

The episode began on Day 24 where Sunday's broadcast had left off, with Dominique and Jessica being nominated for eviction by this week's Head of Household, Alex Ow.

Dominique felt people on her side of the house knew about Alex's plans to nominate her, so she wanted to get to the bottom of things. Dominique said she knew Paul Abrahamian and Elena Davies were involved because they had been acting strange ever since the Nomination Ceremony.

Meanwhile, Mark Jansen was incredibly upset that Dominique was on the block because he considered her the "sweetest person." He cried in the Diary Room about how his alliance was being targeted and he couldn't imagine playing this game without his best friend, Dominique.

Dominique then locked herself alone in a room and began praying to God that she would learn which player or players in her majority alliance had betrayed her.

She claimed to the cameras that she heard Paul's name three times during her prayers, and once she left the room, Paul was sitting on a bed waiting to talk to her.

Paul pretended to be on Dominique's side, explaining how he may have to abandon the alliance because some people were being disloyal. Paul said the alliance was crashing down this week, as if he was not the person throwing people under the bus.

As fans recall, Paul convinced Alex to nominate Dominique for eviction with Mark on the back-burner as the potential replacement nominee after Cody Nickson insisted they had been gunning for him earlier in the season.

Dominique was certain that Paul was behind everything, so she told the cameras he's a "snake" and she intended to expose him.

It then became time to choose players for the Power of Veto competition.

In addition to Alex as the HoH and Jessica and Dominique as the nominees, Kevin Schlehuber, Christmas Abbott and Jason were also picked to play. While Kevin and Christmas were selected at random, Jessica drew the "houseguest's choice" chip and selected Jason since they had become friends in the house.

Jessica thought there may be a chance Jason would pull her down from the chopping block since his alliance needed numbers and no one was working with her in the house. Jessica thought she'd make for a terrible target since she wasn't a threat to anyone's game at all.

Alex definitely wanted Dominique to go home this week, so she didn't want "the dominator" to win the PoV. Jason suggested to Alex, however, that they should pull Jessica off the block if they won the PoV because since she's Public Enemy No. 1 in the house, she may take eviction votes away from Dominique.

Jason told Alex that nominating Raven Walton would be a great choice because no one in the house wanted to get rid of her since she's such a sweetheart.

Jason explained that Raven's nomination would ensure Dominique's eviction, but Alex worried that the house would find her strategy to nominate Raven "sketchy," saying they may lose trust in her as a result.

The Power of Veto competition, dubbed "Temple of Temptation," then took place. But Christmas was not medically cleared to compete.

The other houseguests were required to walk back and forth across a wobbly balance beam over a "lava pit" a total of 50 times.

On one side, they had to walk around a pole before getting on the beam, and on the other side, they had to hit a buzzer located on the "sacred squirrel." If a player fell off the balance beam at any point, his or her tally would start over again at zero. 

Kevin really struggled to cross the balance beam, so he decided to accept a money temptation and remove himself from the running. It turned out his prize was only $27.

In the end, Jason won the PoV, although Alex was really close to victory. After the competition, Paul told Alex to nominate Mark because he would campaign to keep Dominique in the house if he wasn't sitting on the chopping block right next to her.

Paul advised Jason and Alex to warn Mark that he was going to serve as a pawn.

When Alex and Jason talked to Mark about the idea, Mark admitted he wouldn't feel safe as a pawn and absolutely didn't want to be nominated for eviction. Alex and Jason said they would never vote against him and neither would Elena or Paul, but Mark didn't care.

Mark couldn't believe that he was either going home or he needed to vote his best friend out of the house.

Dominique then talked to Jason about there being "a snake" in the house, telling him to keep his friends close and his enemies closer. Dominique also spoke to Alex about how the snake was "familiar with its environment," hinting that it was Paul going behind everyone's backs since he's the only returning player.

Dominique finally told Alex flat out that Paul was a "tempter." Since Alex, however, planned to work with Paul until the end of this game, she informed him of what Dominique had said. Paul was actually shocked Dominique would say that, and so he confronted her.

Dominique acknowledged right to Paul's face that he had "snake tendencies," but she wasn't sure if he was necessarily the one who had betrayed her.

Paul couldn't believe Dominique was making such accusations when she wasn't even sure about them, and it was clear their friendship was over. Dominique told all of her fellow houseguests that she was the honest one in the situation.

Dominique then vented to the cameras about how Paul was using his expertise in this game to manipulate everybody around him.

Meanwhile, Jason had to decide what he wanted to do with the PoV. He didn't know whether he should keep nominations the same or nominate Raven in Jessica's place. Jason and Alex told Mark that if he promised to vote for Dominique, they'd at least keep him off the chopping block.

Knowing he didn't have another option, Mark regretfully agreed to this course of action.

At the Veto Meeting, Paul dressed up like a snake to playfully honor and mock his new reputation, and Dominique announced in her speech to the group that she had been framed by her own team and "the snake" had mignons working beneath him.

Dominique told Jason that if he used the veto on her, she would ditch her team and work with his side of the house, especially after seeing how disloyal Paul and Elena were.

But in the end, Jason chose to keep Dominique and Jessica on the chopping block, with Dominique as his main target to go home.


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