Dean Unglert is reflecting back on his "raw, real and cathartic" hometown date with Rachel Lindsay on The Bachelorette, revealing that the editing of his family visit was actually flattering.

Dean, a 26-year-old startup recruiter who currently resides in Venice, CA, talked to Access Hollywood about how, naturally, there was much more footage from his hometown date in Aspen, CO, that didn't air. However, he feels the editing played in his family's favor.

"Of course they're not going to be able to put the entire four-hour interaction on-camera. I mean, I don't know. I feel like it could've been a little bit worse than it was," Dean told Access Hollywood of The Bachelorette's latest Season 13 episode.

"They spared, I think, my family's emotions quite a bit, with the editing that they did. It was just a very raw night; It was very emotional. Obviously there were a lot of words exchanged."

But Dean thinks "all in all," his portion of Monday night's broadcast "pretty much encompassed the night really well."

Since filming the date in Colorado, Dean said, "My siblings and I are much closer because of it. My father and I still have quite a bit to work through, but I think it's a step in the right direction for us. If not tomorrow, then maybe down the line at some point [we'll fix things]."

Dean's family visit was unlike any hometown date The Bachelorette viewers have ever seen. His immediate family hadn't been under the same roof in eight years, and he had been estranged from his father -- a converted Kundalini yogi that goes by the name Paramroop, meaning "divinely beautiful" -- for two years.

Because Dean's family fell apart when he was 15-years-old due to his mother's passing, many The Bachelorette fans have wondered why Dean even bothered to bring Rachel home to his "unorthodox" clan. Why not, for instance, introduce Rachel to his siblings only or just his friends?

"I played around with the idea of introducing [Rachel] to my 10 best friends," Dean revealed to Access Hollywood.

"What they didn't show, also, was before I met with my family, I met with four of my best friends at a bar in Aspen with Rachel, and I got to hang out with them for a little bit. But at the end of the day, if I'm going to ask this woman to marry me, I want her to at least have a good understanding of my family dynamic. I think it's only fair to her."


Dean also clarified that he was not "on bad terms" with his father despite their lack of communication, nor was there any "bad blood" between them prior to the hometown date.

"It's just we didn't make any time for each other, and I still don't really continue to. But when I [moved] to California, I saw him before I left and then I haven't really talked to him since then. So it was interesting to see him in person," Dean explained.

"We're not in a bad place emotionally. We just had a lot of stuff left unresolved. So, it's not like we dislike each other or anything like that. We just have differences of opinion."

Rachel sent Dean packing at the end of the episode after handing out roses to Peter Kraus, Eric Bigger and Bryan Abasolo.

Dean confessed he was "so surprised" and caught way "off-guard" when Rachel eliminated him during the Rose Ceremony in Dallas, TX, after their date, but he appears to have some closure now. 

"Watching it back, it's pretty clear to see she has a really strong connection with Peter, Bryan and Eric, so I know she's making decisions that are best for herself and I can't really be angry about that," Dean said, adding that he'd love to see Peter end up with Rachel because the guys were best friends while on the show.


As far as potentially being the next The Bachelor star goes, Dean said, "I'm already in Paradise, so I think that's probably out of the window, but I don't know."

Dean called his experience on Bachelor in Paradise "a blast" but wouldn't disclose whether he found a love match. He teased that viewers will have to wait to see what happens this summer.

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