Raven Walton boasts a strong social game, as she seems very popular on Big Brother's nineteenth season so far.

Raven is a 23-year-old dance teacher from DeValls Bluff, AR, who also works as a ghost investigator on the side with several of her girlfriends.

Raven already has a signature style with her two buns and two bows on Big Brother, and her fellow houseguests have noticed she's always poised and posing -- even when she's just getting some sun outside. She's a true ballerina at heart.

Other than getting involved in a showmance with Matt Clines, TV viewers haven't seen much strategy or gameplay from Raven yet.

She hasn't won a competition, nor has she been on the chopping block. She's in a great position sitting in the middle of the house's majority alliance, but how long will she be able to last in that position before becoming a target?

Below is a list of 6 facts Reality TV World has compiled about Raven Walton:

- Raven suffers from a rare digestive disorder called Gastroparesis, which causes delayed stomach emptying, and so she has a pace maker that is visible under her skin as well as a 12-inch scar.

Raven has undergone a total of eight stomach surgeries due to her condition and is on her third pacemaker.

- This isn't her first time on a reality competition show. Raven previously competed on So You Think You Can Dance.

Although she didn't reveal her season or how far she made it, she posted a throwback photo of her audition number on social media in Spring 2016.

- Raven is a former beauty pageant participant. She had competed in Miss Arkansas International as well as Miss Arkansas USA. She was actually picked as "Miss Congeniality" in the Miss Arkansas USA pageant.

- The Big Brother houseguest's favorite movie and book of all time is Nicolas Sparks' A Walk To Remember.

- While they haven't revealed it on the show yet, Paul Abrahamian's entry into the Big Brother house wasn't the first time Raven has met him.

Raven's Instagram includes a March 6 photo of the duo together, and she captioned it, "I hope you enjoyed Arkansassy @deadskull! I enjoyed our conversation. #friendship P.S. Safe travels through the south."

- Raven enjoys doing yoga and random unicorn things. She also loves dogs, horses and modeling.